4 Effective Methods That Can Cure Your Eye Bags

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We see and observe the world through our eyes. Your eyes are one of the significant facial features, and any changes in their appearance or around the area are prominently visible. The eye is a complex and delicate organ susceptible to various problems. 

While minor problems may resolve on their own, others might require treatment. One common problem is the undereye bags. With age and underlying genetic factors, the muscles supporting your eyelids weaken, causing the skin around your eyes to sag and create bags. Many people feel that they make them look tired and aged. These bags certainly seem to dent the face’s beauty and need resolution. 

Don’t take these eye bags lightly! To help you, we have compiled a list of 4 methods that can cure your eye bags.

Cold Compress

A cold compress treatment for eye bags has been prevalent for ages. It’s a simple and effective way to reduce the swelling under your eyes by constricting the blood vessels and reducing the blood flow. Simply apply a cold compress to the affected area for a few minutes daily. For this, you can use anything cold. For example-

  • An ice pack
  • Ice Bag
  • Frozen pack of vegetable
  • Cucumber slices 

Apart from reducing inflammation and helping in fluid retention, the cold compress method can also help to temporarily tighten the skin around the eyes, making the bags less noticeable.

Note: Eyes are delicate, and though cold compress methods are safe for everyone, it’s important to consult with a doctor if you face any problems during the application. 

eye bag treatment

Trough Fillers

Trough fillers are a type of injectable used to treat several eye conditions, especially eye bags. Trough fillers can easily treat volume loss in the tear trough – the area under the eye. 

When you go to a specialist eye doctor, they will first analyse your eye to see which filler is suitable for you. Tear trough fillers in London are affordable, and the injected fillers give instant results by de-puffing your eyes.

Incorporate Retinol Cream In Your Eye Care Routine

Retinol is a type of vitamin A commonly found in skincare products. It can be used to treat under-eye bags as it helps to increase cell turnover in the area under your eyes. The multiplied cells help to reduce fluid retention and puffiness. 

Tip: There are many retinol cream options available in the market. However, since the skin around the eyes is soft, it’s essential to choose one specifically designed for the eye area, as the skin around the eyes is delicate.

eye bag sleep routine

Sleep Elevated

The first step is to understand what causes eye bags in the first place. Fluid build-up in the delicate tissues around the eye can cause the area to swell and feel puffy. This fluid retention is usually the result of inadequate lymphatic drainage and can be caused by various factors, including the following.

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Deprived Sleep
  • Excess salt intake
  • Stress

While you sleep, gravity pulls fluid down your lower eyelids, causing them to become puffy. This can lead to the appearance of eye bags. Sleeping with your head elevated can help prevent fluid from accumulating in your lower eyelids. It can help reduce the appearance of eye bags and make you look more rested.

Note: If you want to try this method, go for an extra-filled pillow or simply put a couple of pillows under your head. 

Final Words

In conclusion, under-eye bags can be treated with a number of different methods. Some of the most effective methods include natural treatments, diet modification, and surgical treatments. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, try trough fillers.

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