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Building blocks of any kind are a sure fire hit in our household, us adults get as much entertainment as the children out of them. You can never go wrong with blocks and we often spend hours constructing buildings, towers and bridges before destroying our masterpieces like Godzilla through them.




Personally I love blocks, the opportunities are endless and they can be used over and over again. We received a bundle of items in the Mega Bloks First Builders range from the lovely people at The Entertainer.

Our bundle included:

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag
Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess Princess Sunray
Mega Bloks First Builders Susie School Bus

As you can see from the pictures above, Isabelle wasted no time in discovering the items in her bundle.

Firstly the bag of blocks were promptly emptied across the floor for optimum building, Isabelle declared that she was going to build a castle for the dinosaur to sleep in. These blocks were brightly coloured in purples, pinks and yellows which were perfect for creating brightly coloured towers for your princes and princesses. Contained in the bag are a mixture of 60 differently sized blocks which provide hours of play for your little ones. Although the blocks were more geared towards little girls, there are other bags available from Mega Bloks in gender neutral colours. Isabelle played happily with these blocks with the little boy next door and he didn’t have any qualms about playing with the brightly coloured blocks.

The blocks themselves are very durable which is exactly what you need with a toddler, the shape and design of them makes them perfect for little hands without being fiddly to connect to one and other. Isabelle was able to build stacks and towers by herself without mummy needing to help to keep the tower steady.

As you can see from the photos below, not only are the blocks entertaining but they help develop a child’s hand eye coordination.

I personally loved that the blocks have their own storage bag which made the blocks easy to store and helped keep the blocks together. There’s nothing worse than standing on the unsuspecting block as you enter a room.

The First Builders blocks can also be used in conjunction with the standard Mega Bloks, they fit perfectly meaning that there’s no limit across the ranges, you can mix and match.


Next came the Suzie school bus which was an instant hit with Isabelle as she loves cars and anything with wheels. She took it for a spin straight away with Princess Sunray and Glimmer the pony in tow. The bus is chunky and compact with no fiddly bits, which again makes it perfect for little hands to grip and play with. The bus is robust and sturdy which is great as it provides support to take the weight of the toddler when playing (I wouldn’t recommend allowing your child to sit or stand on it though..for safety reasons)


The roof of the bus opens to provide a small amount of storage for bricks, figures or any other small items your little one may want to transport.

Finally we have Princess Sunray and her pony friend Glimmer, they can be used with the entire first builders range, captivating your child’s imagination through creative play. When Princess Sunray saddles up for a magical ride on Glimmer her sparkling tiara pops up. The set comes complete with two sparkling blocks which are ideal when creating those whimsical towers and castles. This is certainly a hit with little girls for creating enchanting adventures to give that little bit of extra sparkle.

Overall we have loved exploring part of the Mega Bloks Frist Builders range, they are suitable for ages 1 – 5 years so they cover quite a large development range. The possibilities for creation are endless which has created many hours of fun and entertainment for Isabelle.

Development wise the blocks have truly shone, enabling Isabelle to recognise colours, remembering patterns of repeating colours, counting blocks, encouraging creative play and also improving and developing hand eye coordination.

The blocks are excellent value for money and with many sets available you can pick and choose  your collection. I would defiantly recommend them to other parents.

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