The many threats of being online

The many threats of being online 2

It’s almost impossible today to not be online in some way. As a business, it is highly recommended. The internet can open up and directly contact new customer bases as well as offer advertising, promotions and other forms of brand recognition. This isn’t even mentioning the ability to make money online, selling goods directly at any time of day or night.


Yet it’s not without its share of threats either. As the World Wide Web grew in popularity, so did the number of people looking to exploit it.

Today’s world has many online threats, yet adequate protection is thankfully available.



The main priority should always be security. This is the best option as it aims to prevent anything from happening, rather than waiting until afterwards. There are different forms of security available to cover different threats.

For instance, everyone is familiar with the basic premise of anti-viral software, which helps scan and prevent such infection files installing themselves onto your hard drive and systems yet there are also other attacks that need specialised defences. Distributed Denial of Service – or DDoS – attacks are a common example.

These attack your server in mass, hoping to grind it down and slow it down, if not stopping it completely. This aims to overload your system where other means try to be more subtle. It’s a well known attack method but it means you need additional defence alongside anti-viral software.

Test yourself

Likewise, having the right security is almost useless if you don’t test it. When you make such a big investment as this, you want to know if it works. The various forms of tests, such as DDoS tests or IT penetration testing, are available from the likes of NCC Group.

These replicate an actual attack and offer in-depth figures and results as a consequence. This shows you any weak spots in your security. With this, you can fix the weaknesses, add additional security or simply look into other measures to work around this.

Because of this, it helps to test regularly. This will let you know of any changes sooner. You should also use it when you install new security or make any changes – physical testing is the only true way to prove if these changes are making an improvement or not.

In closing, this may sound confusing but a lot of the technical aspects are already taken care of. As long as you invest in the security, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to keep yourself safe.

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