Manage Your Anxiety With These Helpful Tips


Anxiety is awful, isn’t it? One minute you’re feeling fine and you are cracking on with your regular life, and the next you’re a shaking mess with a hollow feeling inside that you can’t quite put your finger on. Most people don’t know what their initial triggers are for their anxiety, and it’s not until they feel that awful feeling that they can identify where it came from. Anxiety is not easily managed if you don’t know how to control it or where it came from, but that doesn’t mean that there are no strategies to manage it completely. 

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you to manage your anxiety and feel much better in the long run. You may not be able to completely conquer it, but you can at least feel better about it!


Tips to Help Manage Your Anxiety

Manage Your Anxiety With These Helpful Tips 1

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s very easy to beat yourself up when you feel that choking, crushing feeling in your chest. You should remember that the only one who can really help you with your anxiety is you, as it’s you that can ask for help with it. Coping with your anxiety is not always easy and there is no “right way” to do it, whether you decide to get help from a therapist or you look to buy CBD oil. You have to be kind to yourself and stay within a positive environment as much as you can. Stress does not help anxiety, but kindness will. You cannot run away from anxiety without it catching up with you immediately, and if you are kind to yourself you can manage it when it does catch you out.

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Learn To Breathe

This sounds patronising, doesn’t it? I don’t mean it to sound like I’m telling you to breathe and it’ll  be fine, but it’s so much easier to panic when your breathing is all over the place. Slowly breathing is so important for anxiety management as it can slow your heart rate down, help your body to relax and stop tensing up and lower your blood pressure. An anxiety attack is hard to cope with and it’s much harder to control the situation when you are breathing heavily and your blood pressure skyrockets. Counting and breathing can help you to manage the anxiety and bring the buzzing in your brain down to a manageable level.


Make time in your day to meditate and relax. It doesn’t matter if it’s 15 minutes in the morning and again before bed, you need to be able to relax your mind and your muscles. When your body is tensed up, you cannot concentrate or feel good, so if you meditate every day, you can start to relax your body and find some peace.


The total opposite of meditation where you don’t move, exercise is going to burn off that adrenaline pumping through your body. It will elevate your mood and make you feel good, but it’ll also burn out your adrenaline and make you feel happier. Not only will exercise help you to relax your muscles overall, you can also maintain good health, which will make your anxiety feel much better.

Eat Well

You need to have a healthy diet if you want to manage your anxiety. You may not know that your anxiety can be triggered by food, but with the wrong foods you can trigger feelings of sluggishness and high cholesterol at the same time. Eating well keeps your blood pressure down and makes you feel better, and you no longer have to deal with feeling unhealthy and low as a result. Nutrition helps you to feel well from the inside and you can tackle stress better when your blood pressure is the right level. There’s an abundance of natural ingredients that can have positive health benefits to your body when added to your diet. Such as turmeric, it is an effective anti-inflammatory and can also reduce the symptoms of arthritis and even depression. Then there’s ginger which not only helps calm nausea but  can also help lower blood pressure. You can find out more about natural pain relievers at

Embrace Aromatherapy

Your brain is in a lot of pain when it’s strung out and stressed. Aromatherapy can help you with this pain to keep your mind at peace. The things that trigger your anxiety won’t be cured with essential oil, but it can help you to feel peaceful, and that’s the idea here.

Speak To A Therapist

You need to identify the triggers for your anxiety and a therapist can help you with that. They can also teach you the techniques that you need to learn to let it all go. Stressing over your past is not going to help your anxiety at all, but a therapist can help you to do it. Therapy can help you to talk through past traumas and let them go one by one. As you let them go, you can let go of the anxiety you are also feeling and focus on the present instead.

Keep A Diary

When those feelings of anxiety flare up, write it down. If you can learn the pattern of the flare-up, you can start to avoid those moments. If it’s specific people causing you anxiety, then you can learn who is causing it and how you can walk away from those people in that moment. You do not have to be around anyone who makes you feel less than you should. You need to be able to feel good on the inside and a diary of your anxiety triggers will help you to feel fantastic, as you are making progress with it and learning to move toward healing.

Manage Your Anxiety With These Helpful Tips 2

Give Yourself Time To Worry

Instead of suppressing the anxiety that you are feeling, you need to give yourself time in the day to worry. If you plan time to allow yourself to freak out for a while, you can spend time focusing on your problems without allowing the panic to consume you. If you are parenting or working, the last thing that you need is an anxiety attack, and it can help you to feel control over the situation if you give yourself time to worry. 

It’s not easy to manage inner turmoil. It affects you physically as much as mentally, and you can feel horrendous on the inside. By using these tips, you can start to manage your anxiety better.

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