Making time for family

Making time for family 2

Sometimes, it’s easy to let time run away from you but it’s always important to make time for family. We have days where we are all so busy with work, school and afterschool clubs that we don’t even sit down for a family meal together. There’s always something that needs doing and places to go, that distract us from family time.

We don’t want to miss out on the important things, so a few times a week we make time to be together as a family, anything from family movie nights, family days out and even playing board games. We want to experience all things as a family, all the smiles and all of the laughter.


Butterkist recently got in touch and sent us a lovely hamper, which was full of things to make for a fun family night in which, of course, included popcorn and lots of it.  Well all know that popcorn makes for the perfect family movie night in and that is just what we had planned.


Being the festive season we had a bunch of Christmas films lined up but we were also sent a Now TV pass from Butterkist which we will make good use of. For an evening we switched off our mobile phones, put away our laptops and focussed on being a family for the evening.

We snuggled up on the sofa with a huge bowl of popcorn (Little Legs loved the Choc-Mallow whilst I’m more of a traditional Sweet and Salty fan) and The Muppets Christmas Carol on the TV. It was a lovely way to just switch off and enjoy each others company.


Spending time together as a family doesn’t have to be big days out or expensive, here are a few things that we enjoy:

Family Movie Nights

Pop on you pyjamas, pick a film and snuggle up together to enjoy one of your family favourites, we’re loving Christmas films live Elf at the moment

Games Nights

We’re quite the competitive family and enjoy a good board game like Monopoly or Mouse Trap.

Creative Afternoons

Get the pens, paints and paper out or the baking aprons for an afternoon of creativity. If you don’t fancy the mess, there’s always Lego which is one of our favourite ways to spend a rainy afternoon.

Afternoon Walks

We quite enjoy getting out and exploring, wading through streams and building dens in the woodlands.

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