5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Cosy For Autumn


Autumn is a magical time. Everywhere the world seems in transition. The leaves start to change colour, and the evenings draw in earlier. It’s the time for wearing thick layers, and digging out long lost gloves and scarves.

At the same time, autumn feels like a time to reset. You spend more time indoors, and the pace slows a little. You start getting excited for the holiday season, and time at home with family.

Making some small changes at home will not only make your home cosier it’ll increase it’s value both for your wellbeing, and in financial terms.



Once the leaves start to turn, and the weather gets a bit nippier, the first thing I like to change at home is the bedding. I’ll take off the lighter cotton duvet covers that are perfect for warmer nights, and replace them with a cozy flannel or jersey bedding set.

The thicker, heavier fabric will keep you warmer, and more comfortable as the temperature drops. And, the plumper, softer look of flannel in particular, will instantly make your bedroom look cosier.


Autumn Aesthetic


Don’t get tempted to believe that rugs are only meant for uncarpeted or wooden floors. Although they would make your space feel cosy, layering your snug rugs on top of your carpets will help add texture and depth. Keep in mind that the softer and shaggier the rugs are, the more your home will feel cosy. Adding layers of softness under your foot will not only help to keep the heat in, but will also help you to sidestep your slippers.

Autumn Fragrance

Fragrance is really powerful, and just smelling something familiar can instantly transport to a particular place or memory. For many people Autumn has a particular smell. For some it’s the first tastes of something pumpkin spiced, for others it’s the spicy tones of clove.

Introducing some of your personal autumnal favourites into your home can help get you into the cosier, slower mood of season. If you’re unsure where to start, try scents like: vanilla, fir, cedarwood, or spices like cinnamon and clove.

Candles are a good option, and have the added benefit of a gentle glow that can set a cosy or romantic mood. But, for a more child-friendly option (or just something you don’t have to worry about leaving) consider a strategically placed diffuser.



Autumn isn’t just the time when the weather cools, it’s also the start of darker mornings and shorter evenings. This means, having some good, varied lighting options can make a huge difference to the appeal, cosiness – and practicality – of your space.

If you don’t already, consider introducing a lamp or two into the space you spend the most time. This will give you a gentle lighting option for that in-between not quite dark enough for full on lighting, but not quite light enough for no extra lighting at all.



Being able to access a bit of the outdoors is so important for our general well-being, but, as the weather starts to get colder, we inevitably end up staying inside more.

House plants are a good way to keep some nature nearby, in the autumnal transition period. Not only has research shown that houseplants boost our mood, there are also several varieties that are known for their air purifying qualities (such as the beautiful peace lily), so your home will be a healthier place to be too.

Top Tip: Many houseplants have different needs over winter. They’re getting less light than normal so they won’t be growing as quickly as normal. Some – like succulents – won’t need watering at all until the weather warms again, whereas others will still need some attention.



Adding colour to your space is a fun way to change the feel of your home. This doesn’t mean you have to repaint all your walls, or replace your furniture. Adding colour can be as simple as changing cushion covers, bedding sets, or adding a blanket or two. In fact, adding ‘accents’ of colour can actually be more effective than a dramatic change.

Interior designers swear by jewel tones for autumn and winter – deep greens, burgundys, mustard yellows, and royal blue. However, if you’re more into natural, minimal design, earthy colours can have a similar effect. Introducing deep earthy browns, terracottas, oranges, and even khaki, can make a space more cosy without taking away from a natural minimalist style.

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