Make the most of your Conservatory this Winter

Make the most of your Conservatory this Winter 2

A conservatory can extend your living space and become a doorway to your garden. Many homes in the UK use conservatories during the warm summer months to create a space for relaxation, unwinding and entertaining. Unfortunately, once winter sets in, these conservatories are abandoned until the chill in the air disappears. However, with a few simple steps you can use your conservatory all year round regardless of the weather outside.

winter conservatory

Make Heating a Priority

Most conservatories don’t have a heat source in winter and this can make them cold and chilly to spend time in. You can keep a small electric heater in the conservatory to warm up the space, but it also means installing an electric socket. If you are not keen on this, don’t worry. Get some scented candles. Light them up and you will be amazed how the glow and warmth from these candles can make your conservatory cosy.

Also, keep blankets handy for people, who may still find the space cold. They can wrap the blanket round their legs while sitting on lounging.

Insulate the Conservatory

Most conservatories in the UK have no insulation like the rest of the house. As a result, the conservatory cannot keep in the warm air. You can stop warm air from escaping through the glass, but getting blinds fitted on windows as well as the ceiling. This also will allow you to control the amount of natural light coming into the conservatory.

In addition, fit draught excluders along the bottom edge of the doors and make the windows have seals to prevent the air from escaping.

Polar Home Innovations has the perfect roof to insulate your conservatory. The roofing system is known as Supalite and it can make the conservatory roof up to five times thicker. The Supalite roofing system is a retrofit tiled roofing system that offers the perfect insulation during cold winter months and even noise-proofs the conservatory against the din of hail and rain. The double insulation in the roof means significant reduction in heat loss, which in turn will reduce your heating costs. Using Polar Home Innovations’ Supalite conservatory roofing system allows you to enjoy your conservatory in winter as well have a big smile on your face when you see your fuel costs reducing. With a cosy and warm conservatory, you will be constantly drawn to it.

Conservatory this Winter

Install the Right Flooring

Flooring of a conservatory is notorious for causing heat loss and cold draughts. So, it makes sense to install the right flooring, so that you can use the conservatory even in winters. Look for floor tiles with high PEI ratings. Not only will such tiles insulate the flooring, they also look aesthetically pleasing.

If you already have tiles and don’t want spend money replacing them, think about carpeting the floor. The carpet should have a thick underlay for it to insulate the floor and keep you snug and warm.

Let the Fun Begin

Winters mean shorter days and colder temperatures. This will keep you indoors quite a bit. Make your conservatory into a games and entertainment room. Leave the barbecue out, though! Place comfortable sofas and a coffee table, so that in the evenings you can sit “outside” and enjoy nature without feeling its wrath.

If you have the right insulation and heat source in the space, encourage your children to play in the conservatory. They will love it, considering they are mostly home-bound during the cold winter months.

During the festive season, instead of placing your Christmas tree in the lounge, place it in the conservatory. Decorate it with candles, painted pine cones and other festive decorations. And, when the festivities begin in your home, the conservatory will come to good stead. You will always have additional space to accommodate guests; and the view of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree from the kerb will make passersby and neighbours happy and appreciative.

The Bottom Line

You can make the most of your conservatory by preparing it for the winter. Use these tips to make your conservatory a warm and welcoming haven in your home and you can be certain it will be a much-used space in the house. You can rely on Polar Home Innovations to help prepare your conservatory for the cold winter months. Call today and find out how.

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