Luck? 2

You know when you have one of those days where everything you do goes wrong? Things break, dinner burns, you loose things, you are late for appointments, like the domino effect, your whole day turns to rubbish?

Well today has been one of those days, feeling out of sorts this morning and turning into a full blown Norovirus, just what I needed, thank you winter.

Next came the shopping, thinking ahead I placed the order online last night to save me going out in the rain and gale force winds. It arrived on time, with only a few things missing but that’s not the drivers fault and not really a big deal. I had my helpful toddler carry some of the bags through whilst I took in the heavier bits. Not wanting to make numerous trips back and forth I carried more than I should, making my way into the kitchen the bag that contained the fragile eggs ripped. I could see it happening in slow motion as the egg box tumbled to the floor with nothing I could do to save them. I hoped with all my might that the eggs would remain unscathed but I knew they were a lost cause, there was one lone survivor.


The toddler soon got board and off she went, leaving me to unpack, it took a whole hour to put the shopping away, juggling for space and battling to make it all fit. Like a light bulb, I had a moment of realisation, it was eerily quiet, those that have toddler know that when they are quiet it usually means trouble. As I approached the living room, I heard crunching and I felt my heart sink. I had made a rookie mistake. On carrying the fully loaded bags into the kitchen earlier I had neglected to pick up large box of cereal, I’d forgotten all about it, but the toddler hadn’t. In fact she was having a wale of a time after having busted open the box and emptying the entire contents of the packet onto the floor. In between consuming handfuls she had been stomping on the rest, enjoying the crunch that it made. It was a teeth gritting moment

I am also sporting a lovely fat lip, again courtesy of my little angel, no need to get worried and call the services, she doesn’t beat us. It was just an accident, it happened mid guitar riff and kick ass power slide when she misjudged her distance and hit me in the face with the guitar.

To top it all off, my mobile phone is currently stuck, wedged in the hole at the front of the bass speaker of the surround sound. Isabelle denies any knowledge of how it got there but she suspects it was the hippo or maybe Jasper. I shall interrogate them later.

So why am I telling you (whinging) about my day?  Well I’m not actually a believer in luck, it’s just rather unfortunate that I happened to be having a rather rubbish day. If it was actually luck then I wouldn’t have had good moments today, like receiving news that I had been waiting on, finding that £10 I had forgotten all about (before I put the coat in the washing machine) and speaking to a good friend, even though it had been almost a year since we last both had the time to make it happen.


If I had bad luck then I wouldn’t win on the occasional scratch card. Okay, so they aren’t large amounts but again if I had what others call ‘bad luck’ then surely nothing good would happen at all. It’s not about fortune or how lucky you are or even lucky charms, it’s about what you make of the situation. After having a few moments of despair today, I have still made the best of it, even with the terrible weather and sickness, I have enjoyed my afternoon with my little girl.

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