Letters to Isabelle: You Remind Me

Letters to Isabelle: You Remind Me 2

I’ve written a lot to you over the past three years, those letters are nestled safely in your keepsake box for you to read when you are older. These past few months we have reached many milestones; your third birthday and starting preschool being the main ones.

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I often have to stop to try and take it all in, you are growing so fast and I wish I could pause right here, right now, just to enjoy this time a little big longer. I love that you are growing into such a beautiful, bright and curious little girl. You are so caring it makes my heart melt, you want to know what everything is, what it does and how it works, sometimes I forget just how young you are. Sometimes I expect too much of you, sometimes I get frustrated  and for that I truly am sorry. You surprise me so much everyday with how quickly you are learning, even the little things.

These past few days something has really stood out, how much you remind me of my own mother, your Nana Sylvia. You’ve never met her, but I can tell you that she was the most amazing, brave and caring person you could ever wish to meet. You remind me of her so much, from your mannerisms, that glistening in your eye, that temper, your cheeky and lovable streak, right down to that beautiful beaming smile; it’s all her.

I often think about her and how proud she would have been to call you her grandchild and how she would have given anything to spend time with you. She would have loved you unconditionally and spoiled you rotten. There are times when I I’d like nothing more than to be able to speak to her, to tell her all about you, to tell her the funny things that you have done or said or even just to moan to when we’ve had a particularly rubbish day. Sadly that’s not an option but I do have you, my beautiful little girl, who reminds me of her every day.

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