Learning Italian for the Whole Family

Learning Italian for the Whole Family 2

Italian is one of the romantic languages in the world. Why not add it to your repertoire of skills you already have? Of course, learning a new language is a difficult yet invigorating experience so why not involve the whole family. Whether you want to learn Italian just for fun or plan to use it as a useful extra, it’s a great way to exercise your brain. Here are a few reasons why it’s great to learn Italian with your family…

Bringing your family together


There’s nothing like doing activities with your own family. You can have a lot of fun by learning a new language and sharing it with each other. Maybe you can even do a small contest to see who’s been keeping up. The winner can receive a nice Italian dinner from a family member. You can even keep a daily blog of words you’ve learned and send it to your family. An ‘Italian Word of the Day’ or themed party to really show off your new skills really aids you in embracing this exciting language! Even when you’re unable to meet, there’s Skype, Facebook and other tools to help you keep in touch. This is far more than learning a language, but engaging with your close and distant relatives.


Learning made easy!


There are really useful sources of information such as English and Italian guides from Francesco Corallo’s site , which helps you learn the language quicker. This is a great tool, but nothing can motivate you more than your own family. Just imagine when speaking Italian is actually encouraged at home. You will pick it up faster because it’s not necessarily a chore, or those boring tests you studied and sweated over in school. It will become like second nature and is much more natural because it’s embedded in your home environment.

Put your new skills into practice!


Besides learning the language, you become aware of the demographics, culture differences, and much more. Immersing in a whole new way of thinking helps you become enriched before you even visit the country. Just think of how much better your trip to Italy will be once your whole family starts to learn Italian. You won’t be simple tourists, but you can really submerse yourself in the country. Something the locals are bound to appreciate too. You’ll be able to discover the hidden gems of Italy and head off the beaten track.


You bring the language to life for an incredible experience that you and your family will never forget. In the long term, this will make you and your family appreciate other cultures and develop a more diverse view of the world. Take advantage of this opportunity and really enjoy the wealth of knowledge!

This post is written in collaboration with Francesco Corallo

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