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The Kurio Tab XL - #KurioFamilyBloggers 2

We’re a family that thrives on technology, both coming from computer science backgrounds and our current jobs, means that technology features quite a lot on a daily basis. Technology has certainly come a long way from when I was little, I had a GameBoy and was occasionally allowed to play on the SNES which I adored but now we have gadgets for everything that can perform pretty much every task that we need.

Little Legs in no exception to this, she can manoeuvre her way around a laptop and tablet just like any teenager. She plays games and will spend hours watching videos on YouTube. As much as we love that she enjoys technology we have lost our devices to an almost 4 year old. Our tablets, phones and laptops are now full of games, stop motion videos of her creations, photographs for her scrap book and movies.


If she’s not looking at videos of toys, playsets and surprise eggs on YouTube then she’s requesting to play games on the laptop, her thirst for technology has even resulted in the Mr developing Little Legs her own My Little Pony game. It amazes me how quickly she can pick up a new GUI within minutes.

As I mentioned before, we have lost our devices, Little Legs is very quick to claim them as her own. If I sit down to work or read a book then Little Legs wriggles in and wants to play. I think we would all benefit if Isabelle had a tablet of her own, one that will run her favourite apps and games. She also enjoys watching her favourite shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming apps. Having her own tablet would free up our devices, we could keep little legs entertained whilst travelling and not have to worry about the safety of our work. It would be great to have a device that we could take on holiday or to hospital appointments and even when visiting the grandparents.

We need to have parental control and I certainly want to be able to limit the times that she can use the tablet. Internet safety is also a big issue for us, making sure that Little Legs is safe online and she’s not able to see something she shouldn’t and I want to be able to control the App access. We’re fairly relaxed parents but we don’t want Little Legs to be playing games at every opportunity, we want some learning fun thrown in to. We also want Little Legs to be able to enjoy her time on a tablet rather than being frustrated with slow loading devices that can’t keep up with her apps and videos. Mostly it has to be durable to withstand a 4 year old.


We know that there are a few child friendly tablets on the market but none have ticked all of our boxes quite like the Kurio Tab XL. It would be the perfect universal tablet that we could all use as a family, perfect for work and play with it’s different profiles and complete parental control. One of the features which I think Little Legs and the Mr will love is the body motion gaming, it’s not just a tablet to sit down and occupy us, it’s a tablet that will get the family up and moving with it’s interactive games which is a big fun factor. It would certainly keep Little Legs entertained with it’s multimedia capabilities, especially when creating her videos.

For the Mr: he develops games and apps so it would be great to see how well the Kurio can handle them. He also loves gaming so it would be a shame if we didn’t put that Quad Core Processor to work
For Me: well we all know I blog, but it would be great to see if the Kurio can help keep me up to date with my workload.
For Little Legs: She needs an all singing and all dancing tablet that can keep up with her high demands.

We would love the opportunity to put the Kurio Tab XL to the test. It would be great to see if the tablet could truly cover all of our needs as a family (and stop Little Legs demanding to use our devices)

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