Kids love presents, especially personalised presents

Printed Tshirts, Personalised printed tshirts

Kids love presents. Christmas presents, birthday presents, Easter presents, somebody else’s birthday party presents, presents when on holiday, the list is endless. Too much exposure to children’s television often begets the constant, nagging whine: “I want one of those!” The strange-looking piece of blue, pink, green and black plastic has no intrinsic value of its own, it’s just another merchandised bauble that will probably be broken and forgotten about in a few weeks. Or discarded because it is no longer the “in” thing.


Fortunately there is an excellent solution to buying a special gift for children: give them a personalised t-shirt that is just for them or their friends.

Printed t-shirts are a great present for kids because they can be made as a one-off gift that will last for a long time – or until they get so covered in mud and stains that it’s time for a new one. There are plenty of mass-produced t-shirts with popular television character images or pop idols on them, but sometimes the quality is not all that it should be.

With printed t-shirts there is the option to choose a high quality, branded garment that really will last the course – even with tomboy kids. There are methods of printing now that mean that an order for one only can be placed, resulting in a very original personalised gift for a child.

Printed Tshirts, Personalised printed tshirts

Deciding what image or writing to put onto the t-shirt can be as easy or as difficult as you like. The easiest is to write you child’s name, but there are lots of ideas for writing and appropriate slogans that you could invent. Another fun way to give your kids a thrill is by taking a digital photograph of a favourite cuddly toy and have that image printed onto the t-shirt.

Children love animals, so make sure you know what their favourite animal is and find a good digital image that can be used. Popular choices would be giraffes, pandas, lions, elephants and penguins. If you have a pet, or more than one, take some pictures of these and delight your children when you present them with this personalised surprise. Other favoured creatures are dinosaurs, and there are lots of images available that should be able to satisfy the little monster inside.

Printed t-shirts are not the only clothes that can be printed up. Choices include sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets and hoodies, and all of these, as with t-shirts, can be prepared in very small quantities as required. Ordering is simple. You can design your own logo with an online program or browse a selection of images that the t-shirt producer supplies. Alternatively, if you have your own image you can simply upload it – but make sure it is as high quality as possible and the copyright does not belong to someone else.

After you are satisfied with what you want printed you can choose the type and quality of garment and then, with a few more clicks, complete the ordering process and sit back and wait for your personalised kid’s gift to arrive in the post.

Kids love presents, especially personalised presents 1

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