Keeping your Pets Happy and Healthy in Hot Weather

Keeping your Pets Happy and Healthy in Hot Weather 2

With a ‘three month heat wave’ set to hit Britain from April-June, it’s time we got prepared in terms of keeping our pets healthy and safe in these upcoming months. Being exposed to extreme weather conditions, including hot temperatures can result in life threatening conditions for our beloved pets that can be avoided almost 100% of the time.

That being said, with a few handy tricks up your sleeve and a bit of careful consideration, there should be no reason as to why your pets can’t enjoy those lovely summer days just as much as we do. We’ve listed a few things you can do to keep them happy during the season.


· Never leave a pet in a car for long periods of time when it’s sunny. Even with the window down temperatures inside cars can soar on sunny days and it can result in fatal sun stroke for your furry friends.

· Keep hutches, cages and outdoor runs out of direct sunlight and always make sure your pets have access to shade whilst enjoying time outside in the summer. You can even buy pet sun shades really cheaply so it’s not difficult to give them somewhere to take a break from the sun even when you’re not around.


· Get clued up when it comes to symptoms of things like sun/heat stroke, as spotting the signs early enough can mean that you can save their life. Symptoms include excessive panting, distress, collapsing and excessive salivation.

· Avoid walking your dog when the sun is at its highest (around midday) as this will be the hottest point of the day so the dog may get overheated, and the pavement may be too hot for its paws.

· Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms can thrive in the summer as they’ll be looking for shade in poor, unsuspecting animals’ fur. If you are concerned your pet has worms, consult your vet. You can also find more information on Drontal worming from Vet Medic online.


· Remember that pet food shouldn’t be left out in the sun, or generally any warm place, for too long either as it can go off and cause stomach upsets for your pet. If you do suspect the food in your pet’s bowl is no good anymore, throw it all away and disinfect the bowl.

· If your pet has long hair/fur, take it for regular trims, or even give it a go yourself to help keep them cool. It’ll also be easier to keep them clean, too.

· Fish can feel the heat too! Make sure your pond has a shaded area and that your indoor aquarium is away from direct sunlight. The same goes for bird cages, hamster cages, guinea pig cages etc.

· Always ensure that your animal has access to a good supply of clean, cool water throughout the day/night of very hot days as dehydration can be a real problem in warmer months.

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