I have the most overwhelming sense of jealousy and protectiveness regarding others spending time with Isabelle. I want to be the one that gets to hold her and cuddle her. I want her to smile and giggle at me. I have no idea where this sudden bout of jealousy has come from and I know it is not healthy. I should enjoy her spending time with others and not freak out, it scares me to think that she could form a bond with another person that isn’t me.

It has not done me any favours, recently I have noticed that when Isabelle is with others (one person in particular) she is never passed back to me. I know that I should just admit that she is not passed back to me to hold because there are others in the room and I do get to spend all of my time with her so it is only fair that others do get to enjoy time with her.

I did not know that motherhood comes with paranoia, please tell me it’s not just me that suffers from periods of the crazies?

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