Isabelle’s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 – The Winter Hot Chocolate

Oh baby its cold outside….

What better to warm your cockles than a lovely hot chocolate after your day of Christmas shopping?

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 - The Winter Hot Chocolate 1

We all know Thorntons the delightful chocolatier – for their familiar boxes of chocolates, Easter eggs and the occasional naughty indulgent treat (or two) But now they have gone one step further, they’ve created Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur to tantalise your taste buds.

The drink was developed by Thorntons Master Chocolatier Keith Hurdman and is a combination of luxury cocoa, vodka and cream, and as you might guess it can best be described as chocolatey heaven with a similar consistency to Baileys (albeit made with vodka rather than whiskey). It’s the chocolate equivalent of a kiss under the mistletoe and mums, girlfriends and sisters alike will love discovering this indulgent treat from the UK’s favourite chocolatier in their stocking this year.

We were sent a bottle to sample review and being a big chocolate fan who was I to refuse? I’m not a big drinker, I probably have a tipple once or twice a year so this was a lovely addition which turned my hot chocolate into a grown up drink and I didn’t even have to go to the Christmas markets to get it. If you like chocolate (who doesn’t?) and you like sweet creamy liqueurs then this is the drink for you. Admittedly I haven’t been brave enough to sample it on its own but I have been assured by my lovely partner that it is actually rather pleasant and does in fact taste like chocolate.

So what did I do with mine?

I made my perfect indulgent hot chocolate

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 - The Winter Hot Chocolate 2

Cadburys Hot Chocolate
Squirty Cream
A Cadburys Flake
and a glug or two of Thornton’s Chocolate Liqueur

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 - The Winter Hot Chocolate 3

If you feel like making it luxurious Thorntons also have their very own hot chocolates

You’re not just limited to hot chocolates with Thornton’s Chocolate liqueur, you can use it any way you can imagine – added to your own chocolaty cocktails, mixed with cocktails, a lovely addition to your coffee, classically served over ice, or as some extra naughtiness in your desserts. But I’m fairly sure I’m going to need another bottle for that.

Thorntons have provided a lovely Christmas Cocktail idea; the Christmastini just mix
50ml of Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur with 25ml vodka, serve in a martini glass, float cream over the top and dust with cinnamon for a gorgeous seasonal tipple.

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 - The Winter Hot Chocolate 4


Just for the festive period Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur is also available in a stylish gift pack which contains the bottle and two stylish, bespoke branded tumblers, perfect for serving the product over ice.

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 5 - The Winter Hot Chocolate 5


The 70cl bottle of Thorntons 17%ABV Chocolate Liqueur is available in ASDA for the festive months of November and December on ‘Roll Back’ at £10 (billy bargains!!)

It is also available in other major retailers with an RRSP of £12.99 and in many pubs and bars across the country. The gift box is available from Makro at RRSP £17.99 plus and within other specialist wholesalers.

For more information about the product you can visit their Facebook page

I look forward to experimenting with mine but for now I shall relax (when Isabelle is all tucked up in bed) in my slippers by the Christmas tree with a nice large mug of satisfying Hot Chocolate.

Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win a lovely bottle for yourself in our Christmas Gift Ideas for her

I did not receive any payment in the form of money for this review but I did receive a free bottle for review purposes

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