Is Vinyl Flooring Considered Eco-Friendly?

vinyl flooring

There are many ways that people are altering their homes and lifestyle to accommodate an eco-friendly and green outlook to be in line with plans for renewable sources. Sometimes it is a radical change like incorporating solar power, whilst others are lower on the scale, sometimes as low as the floor.

To fully attain 100% eco-friendly is a monumental task, so starting from the ground up and slowly building piece by piece is how you should begin. Luxury vinyl flooring is committed to using recyclable products as much as possible, and Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured with this future focus in mind.

When starting from the ground up as the mission, there are eco-friendly steps to be taken in the revamping of your home or office flooring that helps instead of hindering that transformative step.

Popular Choice

Being a recommendation from interior design specialists for many years, Quick Step flooring has a proven track record of being manufactured with the environment in focus.

It was not always this way, with prior vinyl models containing PVC made from highly toxic materials leaching into the surrounding environments whenever produced or disposed of. These elements would have a detrimental effect on human, animal and plant life before its change into green manufacturing practice.

With a focus on eco-clean flooring, luxury vinyl flooring has taken larger steps to break free from containing harmful elements. Today, vinyl tiles and planks are consistently measured for safety and use adhesives that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

vinyl flooring

Manufactured Safely

Being developed and manufactured in ISO-certified factories, vinyl flooring utilises compounds to soften and increase the performance of vinyl to give it a stronger overall lifespan.

As well as their heightened durability, these flooring products meet indoor quality standards for air and any adhesives used are solvent-free with low VOC emissions. Manufacturers are so committed to the repair of the environment that all brand factories fully meet the criteria of social practices, embraced within packaging, transport and capacity in providing environmentally friendly storage and distribution.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

 When considering products like Quick-Step vinyl flooring for your home or office, you will want to know the floor is not only doing the job but also secure in other environmentally friendly ways.

Tiles and planks are easy to dispose of and 100% recyclable. When needing to replace a singular piece of flooring, it can be cut up and disposed of safely and without waste and replaced cheaply without disrupting large sections of the floor.

You also will not require expensive specialist chemicals to keep the floor clean as simple warm water mixed with vinegar and a quick mop with household cleaning items helps to retain its look for many years.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak parquet flooring, is a trusted and eco-friendly product deserving of its leading status as a flooring solution to last many years.

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