Is Grey Wood Flooring Still in Fashion?

grey wood flooring

Interior design trends come and go all the time. It seems like they can pop up out of nowhere, stick around for a bit, and then fade away into obscurity. This can be a nightmare for the homeowner, as staying on top of these trends can often be impossible.

Throughout the 2010s, grey wood flooring became incredibly popular. The style can still be seen today, with grey wood flooring options available at outlets such as However, interior design trends are fickle. Is grey wood flooring as popular as it once was? Let’s find out.

What is Grey Wood Flooring?

Grey wood flooring is pretty self-explanatory. It is solid wood floors that have been painted grey rather than kept in their natural state and colour. The style really came to the fore in the 2010s, when it was first popularised by celebrities and influencers who showed off this ultra-modern, chic look to their fans and followers.

The style quickly spread and became one of the most in-demand flooring options on the market. This is often how trends start. A public figure will set the wheels in motion and get everyone excited and talking about a new design choice or style.

What are the Benefits of this Style?

First of all, the grey wood floors look amazing. They are striking and immediately noticeable. If you walk into a house with this kind of floor, it’s certainly going to be one of the first things you notice.

This is to do with its novelty. These floors can still be easily identified as wood but stand out due to the new colour and tone they are sporting.

The style is modern and extremely cool. It can make a home look stylish and even futuristic, giving the natural look of wood an innovative, cutting-edge twist.

It’s also incredibly versatile. Wood and the colour grey are neutral, which means they will fit in with different styles and pair well with a range of different colours. Interior design is all about personalisation, which is why this style has proved so popular. It serves as a blank canvas upon which people can design the home of their dreams.

Is this Style Still in Fashion?

In recent times, the popularity of this kind of floor has slightly fallen away. However, this isn’t to say that it is totally uncool and out of fashion. These kinds of ebbs and flows are completely natural and to be expected. Nothing can sustain an upward trajectory forever, there will always be peaks and troughs where particular design choices will fade away for a time before making a resurgence in the future.

Grey floors may be going through something of a quiet period at the moment, but they’ll certainly make a return sooner rather than later.


If you’re designing your home, choosing what style to go with can seem like an impossible task. While paying attention to what is popular is important, it should be the deciding factor in how you design your home. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and you should choose styles that you enjoy.


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