How to Keep the Family Home Organised

family home organisation

Something a lot of parents struggle with is keeping the family home organised! And let’s face it, it really isn’t as simple as it seems! But I think it’s the small steps that you take that can really make your home life a lot less stressful and rushed. In this article, discover 4 simple and straightforward ways to make your family home a lot more structured. From simply getting all the food for the week planned in one go to creating a game for the kids to start tidying up. Get ready to boss home organisation, parents!

Get ALL the family involved with the laundry

family home laundry

Yes – I really mean it. Get ALL the family involved with the laundry. One of the biggest laundry pains is sorting it all out before you quickly throw it into the washing machine. The answer? Have laundry baskets for different types of items. One for darks, the other for whites, the next for reds and then a basket for miscellaneous items. Want to know where you are going to store all these baskets though? Store them in a row in any room that the whole family uses. and wherever you have the space – in the bathroom, in your laundry room, or even on the landing or under the stairs! You could even get creative with the kids and create cute signs to stick onto each basket so they clearly know which basket is for what. And remember, because the laundry is being spread across a number of baskets, the size of the baskets can get away with being a bit smaller. This will help with finding the space to store them as well.

Create a weekly menu

family menu planning

This is one of the handiest tips for keeping organised. I don’t know about you, but thinking of meals after a difficult day is the last thing I want to do. And a lot of time, it can be tempting to just buy a takeaway for the ease of it! One way to avoid this and make sure the family is getting the nutrition they need, is by creating a weekly menu. This is best done when you’re feeling fresh and with no distractions, so some time in the weekend when the kids are occupied is ideal. First, start with evening dinners, then work to lunches then breakfasts. Look in the freezer and fridge to see what needs using up then write your shopping list at the same time to see what else you need to get in. Then get your favourite Mary Berry books or Pinterest recipes to see what you can make. Remember to be realistic as well and plan quick meals for those really busy evenings and set time aside to make a batch cook on a quiet evening. Once you’ve built up frozen batch meals, these will be super handy for those really manic days. Buy a blackboard menu to write up the meals every day so the whole family can see. Magnetic ones that stick onto the front of the fridge or freezer are really handy and easy to wipe. Then get some cute chalk pens so you can have rainbow writing if you wanted to!

Make the kids proud of their bedroom

Jungle Fun Wallpaper

Mural in photo: Jungle Fun Wallpaper by Uta Naumann Available at

Let’s admit it. Some of the most disorganised places in the family home are the kids’ bedrooms. One way to remedy this is by putting measures in place. Not only will this teach them how to organise their room but they will WANT to keep it tidy as well. And the best way to do this is by making them proud of their bedroom. Do this by sitting down with your little one and deciding how they’d like their room to be decorated. If they have a say in how it looks, they will already be more proud of their unique space that represents who they are. So if they love animals, make the room feel like a jungle. Do this by choosing sage green paint for the walls, have safari printed bedding as well as an assortment of cute animal teddy bears. Wallsauce has a wide range of wallpapers that are perfect for making your kids’ proud of their room. If you think you’d want to remove it in a few years’ time but don’t want the hassle of damaging the walls, choose their Peel and Stick wallpaper. It is self-adhesive so no paste is needed, and when installed properly, it won’t cause any damage to the walls.


 Keep clutter at bay with one basket!
family home organisation

This is one of the handiest decluttering tips which can be achieved by all parents. Let me introduce you to… the basket game! All you do is get any basket – even a laundry basket or a big, old hang bag will do! Then go around the house and pick up all the toys that have been left around the house. Then put the basket down for your children and time who is the quickest to put all their stuff away properly. Or you could even do it differently by putting on a fun song so they have to dance whilst tidying away. You can really think of as many creative ways to tidy up as possible – as long as it gets the whole family involved! You might even find a few of your partner’s items hanging around and they have to get involved too! What the basket game does is not only help you to keep the home tidier, but it teaches your little ones that everything has a place in the home. Hopefully, the number of items will get smaller every time. And remember, you don’t need to do the basket game daily. Even once a week will make a huge difference.

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