How to Create a Fantastic Summer on a Small Budget

How to Create a Fantastic Summer on a Small Budget 2

The summer months is the perfect opportunity to spend time with kids. With school children momentarily putting aside their books and activities, summer is definitely the perfect time to relax and plan travels with the rest of the family. However, having kids at home with lots of time to spare can be costly for many households. The costs can come in many forms, from cinema visits, fast food excursions and day trips and all these can hurt the budget. But it doesn’t mean that you need to end all your plans of creating that fantastic summer with kids. With some strategies and a little planning, you can even pull off a fantastic summer with your family on a small budget. Listed below are some creative tips and strategies on how you can come up with a fantastic summer, without breaking the bank.

How to Create a Fantastic Summer on a Small Budget 3

Always plan out your bookings

As someone who works on a tight budget, it’s important to create a timing for your booking. Parents and frequent travellers all agree that ticket prices are just some of the expensive requirements to acquire and plan out. To avoid the usual high costs associated with tickets and booking, it’s recommended to book early, or try to snap those tickets the last-minute. Plane tickets are often cheaper when booked months in advance, when compared to the ones booked days before the actual travel. Timing is everything when planning the summer getaway with the family. If you have younger children, the school break is not the best time to schedule a holiday. Households with older kids should consider travel during the months of May and October as these are the perfect time when rental villas are way cheaper.

Watch out for discounted prices and tickets for trips, cruises and vacations


If traveling and tours are part of the plan and cannot be removed from the bucket list, then the next best thing to do is to look for discounted tickets. Tickets to some of the popular and friendly destinations like Cadbury World, Longleat Safari park can be purchased at discounted rates. The key here is knowing where you will get these tickets and finding the right timing. To find the cheapest tickets, you can consider checking out the web where certain sites offer these tickets at discounted rates. Visit multiple sites so you can compare their prices and inclusions.

Oftentimes, these websites offer promotional codes which can be used to purchase tickets at discounted rates or with freebies. Tickets for kids are cheaper than the ones for adults. But if you can pre-book the tickets ahead of time, then you can save up to 5%. And if the chocolates are not enough for your kids, then the souvenir shirts for sale will definitely keep their spirits high. The Windsor duck tours can also serve as a great activity for your kids during the summer. It can offer your family with exciting tours, covering parts of the Windsor from the water and the parkland. Again, you can score cheap tickets online, with some well-known websites offering the tickets at 48% less than the original price.

Go for perennial family favourites


There are classic outdoor favourites that never go out of style and they are cheap as well. When a trip outside the country is not possible because of budgetary constraints, you can always count on the family staples like mobile homes, campsites and farm with rooms. These destinations were popular 10 or even 20 years ago, and are still charming today. You can’t go wrong with camping, or just a plain outdoor picnic with lots of foods and stories. And if they are the outdoorsy type, then canoeing will serve as a great alternative as well. There are kayaking tours that operate in United Kingdom, and you can easily search for the best destinations that will appeal to your needs and preferences. Some of the websites that operate kayaking tours offer vouchers, allowing you to save on ticket costs. There are other nature-centred activities out there, and all these activities can bring out the best in family gatherings and activities, without the usual high costs.

How to Create a Fantastic Summer on a Small Budget 4

There’s always a good time to enjoy the summer with your kids and the rest of the family, and you can do all these on a budget. And planning becomes easier if you have the money to spend and splurge. It’s possible, and it can be done if you make it a point to enjoy online lottery on a regular basis. The odds of winning the jackpot may be low, but when luck smiles on you, these are just some of the great things that you can do!

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