How To Add Some Glam To Your Bedroom

luxurious bedroom

We spend a huge chunk of our life sleeping in our bedroom – and when you also factor in time getting ready, doing your makeup and lounging around in your nest, it seems silly not to make it a super luxurious, glamorous room in your house. It should be your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so here is how you can add some glad to your bedroom.

Romantic bedroom lighting

A really important part of a luxurious bedroom is the perfect lighting. Think chandeliers, or pendant lights, and perhaps even wall sconces. Consider these LED downlight fittings to help bring the light down into the room, and then add ornate table lamps to even things out and create a cosy feel. A crystal-look light fixture not only looks special and makes a statement, but also disperses the light around the room and will give the whole aesthetic a softer glow.


Choose luxurious fabrics

When you’re choosing fabric for the chairs, bedding, curtains and pillows in the room, consider things that feel special to the touch, like silk or velvet. Silk sheets are a fantastic investment because not only do they look a little more glamorous than cotton, but they are great for your hair and skin while you sleep too! Heavy curtains in a jewel-toned velvet look really dramatic and beautiful, and to add to the luxury vibe, hang them right from the ceiling to make a statement. Choose cushions for your bed in a mixture of soft fabrics and complementary colours and patterns, and be sure to make the bed every morning, with a variety of scatter cushions of varying sizes – you want it to look like a hotel. Finally, a soft rug underfoot is an absolute must-have. A thick, plush rug by the bed will be a treat for your feet from the moment you wake up, as well as giving the room a softer feel.

Metallic touches

Gold or chrome accents on things such as drawer handles and ornaments give a gilded feel and add to the glamorous vibe. Be careful with the shades to tread the fine line between tacky and luxury. If you can’t afford to buy a set of drawers with gold coloured pulls, there are plenty of amazing upcycling tutorials that show you how to change the look of a piece of furniture, just by swapping out the hardware, which costs next to nothing and makes a huge improvement to your room on a budget.

A luxurious bedroom should feel as though you are sleeping in a fancy hotel every night. Your bedroom should be a space that you feel calm in, and able to relax, regardless of what the day has brought. A few little changes and reframing your mind to see your bedroom as a sanctuary and you will notice the difference this can have – on your sleep pattern, your stress levels and your overall wellness. All from giving your bedroom the glamorous, luxury makeover that it deserves.

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