Healing from trauma: Positive steps for young adults to take

trauma healing positive

As we go through life, we want to surround ourselves with loved ones and feel safe and secure. As a young adult, having all these factors in place ensures we feel protected which, in turn, gives us confidence as we head into our adult years. Unfortunately, when we experience trauma, all of these factors are suddenly placed under threat. Experiencing a traumatic event – whether we were physically harmed or not – can lead to our personal environment coming under threat. We feel stressed, experience extreme fight or flight responses and feel as though our lives or our loved ones are in danger.

Living with trauma can have a detrimental effect on our lives, affecting school, our social lives and our futures. If left untreated and unaddressed, trauma can lead to destructive behaviours, substance abuse, hostility, severe mood disorders, introversion, problems with forming relationships and more. Finding help for healing from trauma as a young adult is the strongest and most positive step you can take to manage your feelings and improve your quality of life – if you’re a young adult in need of help, speak to Yes We Can Youth Clinics for support.

If you’re a young adult who is trying to heal from the trauma you have experienced, read on for some positive steps you can take.

Be ready and willing to heal

Some of the first and immediate responses to trauma include denial. In the long term, you may simply prefer to believe and accept that there’s something wrong with you, rather than seeking help. To put yourself on the road to recovery, you must be ready and willing to heal from your experiences.

Surround yourself with support

Whether you’re a teen, or a fully-fledged adult when we surround ourselves with people who love and care for us, it improves our quality of life. Healing from trauma will be easier when you have the support of genuine friends and family around you. Don’t allow people who play down your experience or simply don’t believe you, be part of your healing process.

Seek professional help

Every experience and reaction to trauma is valid. As a young adult, you may worry that your emotions, reactions and your experience won’t be taken seriously. However, when it comes to trauma, you shouldn’t feel invalid. There are plenty of professionals who’ll be eager to help you, from your doctor to counsellors, even specific youth clinics. These professionals will help you find the right treatment and set you on the path to healing.

Try to establish a routine

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, or during your healing process, it’s not always easy to stick to a routine. Unfortunately, this lack of order can lead to other problems that might hinder your healing journey. So, remember to eat, get plenty of rest, drink water, spend time doing things you enjoy and exercise.

And finally, be patient

Regrettably, healing from trauma doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, gradual process that takes time and patience. You may be eager to feel “normal”, but taking your time, following the advice of a professional and listening to yourself will get you there in the best time, in the right way.

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