Guylian Luxury Easter Egg Review

Guylian Luxury Easter Egg

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses, my kryptonite so to say. After a period of telling myself that I wasn’t allowed chocolate I caved in when it came to Christmas. And who could blame me with all that chocolaty goodness? So now rather than having to go through the torture of telling myself no, I tell myself “just a little bit” and with that I am happy. I try not to buy chocolate to stop myself over indulging so now I wait for my lovely partner to offer me some or if I go to visit family then I am always offered a treat there to.

I was offered a chance to review the Guylian Luxury Easter Egg and I am not ashamed to say that I practically jumped at the chance; after all it didn’t break any of my rules.

Guylian Luxury Easter Egg

Guy Foubert, founded Guylian and was dedicated to creating the ultimate chocolate experience, I must say his efforts were not in vain. The chocolates are made with 100% pure cocoa butter with the luxuriously unique hazelnut praline filling. As you expect from the Guylian name, the chocolates are made from only the finest ingredients and the recipe has not changed in over 50 years which is why the signature Shells and Seahorses design remains a popular favourite to this day.

Guylian Luxury Easter Egg

When the box arrived I was surprised at how big it was an honestly I only expected a small  box of chocolates so I was more than pleased when it turned out to be a full sized box of Guylian Chocolates containing the signature sea horse and a selection of chocolates from Guylian’s Luxury Belgian Chocolate collection.  I knew that if I cracked open the egg first that I would practically demolish it so the only sensible option for me was to sample the box of chocolates first. Each one that I tried was of an exceptional quality and after eating a couple (or 6) I was able to pop the box away for later, when our little girl had gone to bed.

Guylian Luxury Easter Egg

Over the next few days I treated myself to a few chocolates here and there, they were extremely moreish and I was sad seeing that soon my box would be empty. Enjoying them so much that I even ate one that I am sure was flavoured with coffee and that I never do, I try to avoid the coffee flavoured chocolates so these Luxury Belgian chocolates must have been good. So good in fact that my poor partner didn’t even get a look in this time until it came to eating the egg.

Guylian Luxury Easter Egg

After a few days of resisting my temptation the egg got the better of me and boy did I enjoy that egg. It was deliciously smooth and creamy; I regretted offering to share it.

I would certainly recommend the egg this year; it would make an excellent Easter gift with its lovely packaging. Buy it for your loved one and who knows they may even share it with you!

 Go on and spoil that special someone this Easter with a RRP £10.99.

Guylian’s Easter range is available at all good supermarkets and selected independent retailers nationwide.

To find out more about the story behind the Guylian brand, and to explore the full range see

I did not receive any form of monetary payment for this review but I did receive the item for review purposes

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