Guest Post: How Can You Cook with a Newborn Baby?

Guest Post: How Can You Cook with a Newborn Baby? 2

I’ve been there…a new baby that all you can do is stare at, cuddle and kiss. You have a body that feels as if it has been through the wars (which it kind of has!) and energy levels that are at zero from the hard work of labour and lack of sleep. The last thing you want to do is cook every night for the first few weeks. Not because you don’t want to but because you often feel that you can’t. And let’s face it women, not all of us have Gino D’Acampo for husbands (as much as we wish), who will cook us gourmet meals every night.


At this time of our lives it is so important to eat as best as we can. If you are breastfeeding you need those extra calories to make that luscious milk and keep supplies up. Even if you are not breastfeeding you still need good food in your tummy to help your body heal properly and for you to make energy to keep going for your new little one.

When I had my first, I struggled a lot. I did not prepare at all. I got the basics in the cupboard but I still had to cook each night, which took a lot of time, time that I wanted to spend taking photographs and cuddling my new little girl. With a new baby taking up 101% of my time, I barely managed to cook up beans on toast if I’m honest, and if you ask my husband, I love cooking and baking! The second time round was a lot easier though. I ordered in ready meals, that I just popped in the microwave and had a nice tasty dinner. The company that delivers the ready meals also deliver necessities such as toilet roll, tinned foods and even pet food. It was so easy. I had nothing to do at all. The dinners were cooked quickly, with no struggling of pots and pans… and no washing up was required!

shopping trolley

If you had a caesarean section, and cannot drive, or even walk a short distance to the shops, it can make getting food and household items in very hard work. In these modern days, our family networks are not as strong as they used to be a few decades ago. Meaning more and more women are having to go it solo with every aspect of parenting. If you are a single mum it can be even harder at times. It is so easy to get your ready meals and your groceries in before baby arrives so when you are home, you have no worries other that “where on earth do I start with changing this dirty nappy!”

Guest post written by Hazel from Oakhouse Foods – delicious meals on wheels delivered to your home.

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