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The Gallery - Friends #TheGallery 1

I very rarely do the whole smooshy lovely dovey posts, but when it comes to friendships I am very grateful for those that I have.

From a young age I have always been socially awkward, in primary school I was extremely shy and found it difficult to make new friends. I grew out of the shyness but the awkwardness still dwindled, in social situations I never really knew what to do. That is why I am glad that I have such an amazing friend, as corny as it sounds we’ve been really good friends since primary school all the way through high school and even when we went our separate ways at college she has remained my best friend, 20 years later and here we are. We’ve had our ups and downs but the great thing is that it’s normal and in times of need we are always there for each other.  We also know our boundaries, after a year of living together, I think it became a little too much and cracks began to form in our friendship (along with living in a house share). As soon as we left the houseshare our relationship blossomed again. we’ve had amazing times together and she understands gets my goofy personality and humour (which can be an acquired taste) With 20 years in the bag, I know that she will still be there in another 20 years. The beauty of our friendship is that we don’t have to see each other every day and when we do meet up we can carry on where we left off.


Obviously my partner is also one of my best friends, we didn’t set out to be a couple but something clicked and we realised that we had very similar personalities. He is the one person that can make me laugh without fail and again he likes that I happen to be that ever so quirky geek.

Some friendships are based on things that you have in common, one of the people who I would consider a close friend is one that I have never met. Sounds funny? well to me it doesn’t. I met a lovely lady a few years ago on a rabbit forum of all places, weren’t that close to begin with even though we had the common ground of bunnies. It was when that I discovered I was pregnant with Isabelle that our friendship really took off as she to was pregnant with her second child and our due dates were in the same month. Throughout my pregnancy she was my rock and also my go to person, thinking back I’m not sure how she put up with all of my questions. We’re still really good friends now and who knows we may even meet up soon.

So there we have it, three people who I love in completely different ways but I class as my closest friends


  1. Aw, This actually made me well up a little bit. x

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