Why Foster Care is Important

Why Foster Care is Important 2

With over 62,000 children living in foster care, it is obviously a vital service which is providing many with much-needed help and assistance. This figure may surprise people but Foster Care takes many forms and helps people in all kinds of circumstances. As well as the children and young people who need temporary or permanent care, it also helps parents who want to provide a loving environment to people in need and offer assistance to those parents who are struggling in their role. Carers organised by local authorities and agencies relish the opportunity to help young people and children receive the care they need.

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Reasons Children go into Foster Care

There is a variety of types of fostering which suit different scenarios. Emergency placements are arranged when care is needed within 24 hours. Bridging placements or short-term fostering occurs when a young person is waiting for a more permanent care solution. For young people who have become parents at a young age there are parent and child placements. Children and young people with disabilities can be placed into therapeutic fostering with carers experienced in caring for people with differing needs. Respite fostering provides additional support to parents or other foster carers or gives them a short break from caring for their dependents. Certain fosters carers are Remand Foster Carers who look after young people who are remanded by the courts into care provided by the authorities. Planned placements is foster care which is organised as far in advance as possible to give the best care for the child or young person. Foster Care provides a solution for a variety of circumstances and gives children and young people a second chance when life perhaps doesn’t go to plan.

What Foster Carers Provide

Foster carers need a variety of skills in order to provide a fantastic service. Foster carers need to be resilient, optimistic, grounded people who are great at listening and have a sense of humour. When providing care, fosters give their commitment, time, space and skills to the child or young person they are looking after.

Foster Care Helps Families

Foster Care not only provides support to families who are in need and give children and young people a safety net when circumstances dictate they need protection, it also helps families who have a lot of love to give. Parents who are unable to conceive often choose fostering as a way to make a family for themselves. On occasion, children and young people who are fostered are eventually adopted by their carers.

If you want to know more about fostering or are considering becoming a carer yourself get in touch with your local authority or an agency near you.

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