Five Things You Need in a Family Garden

family garden

Creating a garden that suits the needs of all the family can be difficult and complex. However, read on to find some helpful tips on what to include to keep everyone happy and make the space a fun and rewarding place to be.

Ways to Keep Fit in the Garden

Every garden needs somewhere for the kids to run around, whether it’s a lawn for a natural look or artificial grass which needs less maintenance. You can use this area to play sports like football or padel and keep up everyone’s fitness while developing new hobbies. Installing outdoor gym equipment can be a fantastic way for the adults to exercise in the fresh air and, if they’re old enough, children can have a go too! Remember to plan out places to play with equipment such as swings, a trampoline, a playhouse, an adventure playground, or even a homemade racetrack if the kids are into bikes, tricycles or scooters. And, make sure that they stay safe in the sun when they’re spending hours outdoors enjoying their garden.

Something for Everyone

As well as catering to youngsters who need somewhere to play, you should create an area where older children, teenagers and adults can enjoy hobbies or relax. This could be achieved by setting up a couple of sun loungers in a quiet spot, along with a shade sail for when you need to cool down, or a barbeque or fire pit where everyone can hang out with their friends. Someone who’s handy with DIY might love to have a shed – which you can even build yourself with a few tools and a bit of know-how – while someone who’s creative might benefit from a dedicated area for painting, sculpting or writing.

Somewhere You Can Spend Time Together

A family garden is nothing without a family. While it’s essential that everyone has something special within it to experience for themselves, you should ensure that there’s always somewhere you can make memories together. Depending on your tastes, your budget and your garden’s size, you could build some decking or a patio and set up garden furniture so you can enjoy meals outside. You might want to add a summer house or an outdoor canopy to create somewhere cosy for colder nights. Amp up the atmosphere and make the space really inviting by hanging up decorations like fairy lights and buying soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. Also, place it somewhere that you will enjoy it most – whether that’s near the back door for convenience when moving food in and out of the house, or somewhere you know you can enjoy the sun in the long summer evenings.

create a family garden

Something Green

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a complete beginner, but every garden should have something growing in it. Try putting flowering plants and low maintenance shrubs in various beds and borders, or in pots if you have less space. They add colour, texture and scents to outside areas and make them a beautiful place to spend time in. They can help you to be creative too, if you design different areas and plan how to use plants to change the look of your garden throughout the year. If you’re more into food than flowers, you could try herbs and vegetables instead and enjoy the fruits of your labour later on. Get the kids involved with your gardening projects as they’re educational and fun for all the family – and they might even encourage a lifelong love of nature and all things green. You could plant a native tree to give your garden some height and it may be able to support a treehouse or swing if it’s large enough, making them even more attractive to families.

Create a Safe Space

Especially if you have toddlers, ensuring that your garden is safe and family-friendly is essential for their wellbeing, and it means that you won’t have to constantly worry about your kids when they’re playing outdoors. Avoid water such as ponds or put a safety grid across the top of them, and make the area secure by planting hedges, trees or adding a fence. These are also great for dividing up a garden into different areas for different purposes.

After taking a look at this blog, hopefully creating an ideal family garden doesn’t seem so daunting! Remember to make it visually appealing, put your loved ones’ needs first, and think about what you all want to get out of your outside area to ensure that you’ll spend lots of time in it together.

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