Fitness At Home Is Easily Achievable! Ready To Learn?

Fitness At Home

We are limited to what exercise we can do in today’s world. We are committed to helping the vulnerable and staying indoors as often as possible; however, this can take a toll on our fitness levels. Very quickly, in fact. However, this is not a reason to let go and not move. On the contrary, strengthening muscles, stretching, and even cardio is excellent, and many exercises can be done at home. And by following a few rules, you can even build an effective program. Who knows, some may be in better shape after confinement than before! Many of us dream of a fit and healthy body, and it is achievable with some new adaptations to your life. A personal trainer is an excellent way to get to where we want to be. A level 3 personal trainer would be great! However, we can do things at home too.

Fitness At Home Is Easily Achievable! Ready To Learn? 1

First, before you start, it’s important to think a bit about your goals and build a coherent and effective program.  

  • Work your body in a balanced way: For example, all too often, home workout routines tend to be out of balance and work some muscles at the expense of others. And that’s not necessarily a good idea if you want to avoid injury, especially in the long run. It is, therefore, essential to building a program that works the different muscle chains.
  • Do several forms of exercise: Ideally, it is also essential to work on different movements and exercises, to cover different physical benefits. We can thus mix cardio with muscle strengthening, with exercises working on flexibility.
  • Choose your priorities and objectives: Depending on your goals, you will not necessarily do the same exercises: if you want to gain muscle mass, you will have to focus on strengthening and weight training exercises, while if you want to be more flexible, stretching or even yoga practices will be more effective. And if you want to lose weight, a mixture of muscle building and cardio will probably be the most useful.

To define your goals well, and depending on the exercises you can do. Maybe it’s weight loss, or perhaps plainly fitness. Then set your training frequency, make a program, and follow it! Consistency is the key, of course. 

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is Great for Fitness

One way to work on your endurance, your cardiovascular system at home, without necessarily having to leave your home, is to practice HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training, or high-intensity interval training. The principle is simple: perform intense exercises during relatively short series, interspersed with short rest times. You can perform this exercise in HIIT by merely setting shorter work and rest periods. For example, for 20 seconds, you do squats as fast as possible, then 10 seconds of rest, and you repeat the operation for a total of 8 times. In general, a HIIT session lasts between a few minutes and up to 20 minutes; the goal is to link several exercises or several formats. Doing this type of workout 2 or 3 times a week, or daily, allows you to achieve or maintain perfect physical shape. Take back the control of your body and feel healthy and strong

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