Everyone has niggles but how do you deal with them?

Everyone has niggles but how do you deal with them? 2

Anyone who has a child knows that they can bring joy to your world. They can also drive you to distraction with some of their antics and exploits. It’s all part of growing up.

Common niggles with children

Some niggles are recurring, and you’ll soon find that your frustration levels are mounting. For example, you’ve just changed your clothes for the umpteenth time and your precious darling decides to put its chocolate covered hands all over you as an expression of love. You’re in a predicament – although sweet, it’s unbelievably frustrating and you just have to go and change your clothes … again.

A constant niggle for mums is the problem with babysitters. If you don’t have an adoring family member who’ll be able to help you out with evening childcare responsibilities then you’re in trouble!

That pleasant 17 year old that answered your ad for a babysitter also has a full social calendar of their own. Even if he/she may have committed themselves to come around on a certain date or time, woe betide you if your plans for a once in a lifetime adult night out with your partner coincide with their social life.

Your plans will have to go on the back burner, again.

Niggles are everywhere

The important thing is not to let your niggles get on top of you. You can, for example, abolish the problems of a painful underwire bra by investing in the new Triumph Magic Wire bra. Bras are not meant to be uncomfortable to wear and Triumph has recognised this fact.

The new bra uses silicon rather than wire for support, and is designed for sizes up to F. These bras are stylish, easy to wear and will enhance your assets, without causing you maximum discomfort.

The #niggle challenge

In order to deal with all other niggles, Triumph has launched its #niggle campaign. This article shows a whole variety of niggles experienced by other women. If your bra problem is sorted your other niggles may still remain so why not visit this Facebook page and share your experiences? Alternatively, #nigglefix on Twitter will make you laugh and may provide some solutions for those daily niggles.

Men may think they’ve got the upper hand, but women share their problems and deal with all that life throws in their direction on a daily basis so why not get involved now? As this video shows, there are plenty of niggles to go around!

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