Every Step You Need To Get The House Ready For Sale

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Hooray! You are ready to get your home for sale and it’s exciting! When you have a family, you want to do all that you can to ensure that you can fit everyone in and have a home that remains comfortable rather than uncluttered and difficult to live in. you want to ensure that you can do this without it taking all of your time and without the sale costing you an arm and a leg. Selling a house can be stressful, especially if you’ve never done it before, and the one thing that you should be sure of is that you’ve done all that you can to make sure that the house is ready to be on the market. 

There is a lot to do to make a home worthy of being sold, and we’ve put together some of the most important things that you should do to get your home ready. You should consider that your house should fetch a good amount of money if you are smart about the improvements that you make, and you need to remember not to become too stressed over it, either. So, let’s take a look at everything that you need to do to get your home ready to be sold on the market.

house ready for sale

  1. Remove all of the clutter from the house before you take any pictures. Most people hire a property agent to take the right photos for their home advert, but the only time that you should do this is when your home is free of all of the clutter. Yes, you can have your belongings in the house, but having children’s toys strewn everywhere and surfaces cluttered with all manner of things is not going to help you to sell the house. The first thing that you should do is go through every single room and remove all of the clutter from the space. It’s a good job to do anyway, as you won’t need to take all the clutter with you when you are moving to a new house!
  2. Paint the walls where you need to. It’s amazing how the walls of the home change when you’re not paying attention. Patches of grey from the furniture resting up against the walls and scratches and handprints the kids have made over time really need to be covered up. You have to remember that people are going to come into your home and view it, so you want to be sure that they love what they see, too!
  3. Call in the cleaners. When you have any potential buyers coming through to view the property, you need to make sure that the whole thing is cleaned from top to bottom. It’s the cobwebs and vents, oven and skirting boards that all need to be wiped over as well as the general cleaning of the home, too. Potential buyers need to see a property that has been well maintained, so crumbs on the staircases are not going to cut it!
  4. Go beyond with your carpets. Whether it’s the stair carpet or the lounge, you need to call in the carpet cleaners to give them a good clean. Where there are too many dirt or traffic marks that have worn the carpets down, replacing the carpets is the smartest decision that you could make. You need to remember that you are selling a vision, and if people can picture themselves in your home, the house will sell.
  5. Get through all your repairs. When was the last time you checked the cracks? Fixed the loose door handles or replaced the bathroom panel? All of these things need to be replaced before you bring buyers into your home. It’s not just selling the house, either, you need to have a little bit of pride in your space, too before you show it to total strangers!
  6. Move on outside. When you are making your improvements to get your home looking good, don’t forget the front door! Replace the broken or rusty fixtures and paint the wood of the door, too. Planting flowers is a great way to add some colour, too, as it tells people that they are welcome to come on in and look around. 
  7. Swap out the colours. It’s lovely to have the children’s bedrooms decorated in bold colours, but when people come through your home they want a blank palette so that they can envision the way the home they want for themselves. Go over your own bold decor with a neutral palette and you will see how quickly you can start getting those offers in.
  8. Change up the fixtures. When was the last time you looked at the door handles in your home? Replacing the external and internal door handles will make a big difference and it doesn’t have to cost you as much as you think it will. It’s a relatively small change, but it does have a big impact on the way that your home is viewed by other people.
  9. Go through each room and make them all look their best. Straighten the bedding and open the curtains. Clean each one and give them all a touch of scent and light to make people walk in and want to be there. It doesn’t have to cost you much; just a few scatter pillows in the bedroom or a Yankee candle here and there!
  10. Be consistent. From the colour scheme to the choice of materials used for your flooring, make your home look consistent throughout. You want people to imagine themselves moving into your property and this is one of the best ways that you can do it!
    house sale staging
  11. Stage it. Your home needs to be presented really well, and if you have children, stage the rooms to look like children’s rooms so that your buyers could feel like they could use those spaces for their own children. When you do this, you allow them an impression of what living in your home would be like. It’s an exciting way to do things!
  12. Add plenty of flowers. Fresh flowers not only add scent to the house, they add pops of colour to each room. You can stick to the same flower type, such as tulips and roses, or you can go bold with wildflowers. Either way, consistency in the flowers that you choose in your home is going to make a great impression!
  13. Get a designer to help. There are professional home staging companies that are able to come in and get your home ready for sale, and when you call them in they’ll make sure that your house looks fantastic on the market and in the photos. If you don’t have the budget for professional staging designers, get your friends to help!
  14. Zschush up the bathroom. The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house but you can make a big difference to this little room with fresh clean towels. Not only should they be clean, they need to be soft and fluffy – the perfect show towels! Keep them tucked away outside of showings, but once you have a viewing lined up it’s the fluffy towels that need to be front and centre to show off!
  15. Organise the toys. You have to hide the clutter in the house, but you may not be able to hide the toys. So, make sure that you have the right storage so that you can organise the toys and have them look good. It’s the best way to keep the house authentic while also not having a toy store look!
  16. Make the beds. Crisp, clean bed sheets are a must when you’re bringing buyers through your home. You want it to reflect a clean home and bedsheets are going to make the rooms look beautiful and tidy. Think hotel-style corners and throw pillows! It’s an effective way to make your home appealing.
  17. Clean again. We talked about calling in the cleaners, but what if you’re still living in the house? You can still get a cleaner to do a pre-inspection cleaning for you, and they will be able to go through all of the house and do the deep cleaning and surface cleaning bits you need. You should also do your own bit with ensuring that the laundry hampers are empty!
  18. Open the curtains. Natural light is something that people look for when they are buying a house, so open up all the curtains and blinds in the house and make sure that the home lights up and glows looking healthy and bright.
  19. Check all the lightbulbs. Speaking of light, making sure that all of the bulbs in the house work is a must! You need to enhance light where you can, especially in rooms that aren’t as hit by the sunshine.

Getting your home ready for sale should be exciting as this is a time you need to pour everything into the way your home looks. Take the time to check off everything on this list, and you should have a sold house in no time at all.

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