Easter fun for under £20 with Poundland

Easter fun for under £20 with Poundland 2

It’s almost the Easter again which can only mean one thing, for children it is the end of term and they are now off on their Easter holidays for the next week or two. It’s a known fact that keeping children entertained can be quite costly but it doesn’t have to be.

This year as a Poundland Ambassadors, we had been set the Easter Challenge, to make an Easter bonnet and an Easter egg hunt. As with the start of any Poundland challenge we headed off to our local store to see what was available to create our masterpieces. The choices were endless with plenty of crafting materials and sets to keep the busiest of little bee’s going for days.


We managed to grab the bits we needed for our challenge plus lots of other extra bits for Easter crafting over the Easter holidays. We had colouring books, jigsaws and a few treats to. Isabelle rather enjoyed filling the basket up with her chosen items, including a set of hand puppets for us to make.


We had a lovely basket to decorate, for Isabelle’s Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, along with polystyrene eggs to paint and decorate to. Once we have painted all of them they will also be ready for the big Easter egg hunt.


In our hoarde we picked up cookie cutters and a cupcake decorating set so that we can do some baking, Isabelle loves to help bake so they are a huge and and at £1 each they are more than worth it.

We had an Easter craft stash to last us all through the Easter holidays. There was such a large variety available but we tried to stick to things that would be suitable for Isabelle’s age group. There were full Easter bonnet sets available to but we decided it would be more fun for Isabelle to choose her own decorations.


Along with the Easter range, Poundland had various treats like chocolate eggs, Easter themed lollies and chocolate bunnies but since Isabelle already has her fair share of Easter treats at home we gave them a miss in store in favour of crafts which she would prefer.

We started off decorating her basket with bunny stickers and filling it with chicks and fluffy little bunnies. Isabelle being the curious 2 year old removed the eyes and beaks from some of the chicks before putting them in the basket.

We created some felt Easter eggs that mummy and nana kindly sewn together before Isabelle glued the decorations onto them while we waited for the glue on the basket to dry.


We made some Easter masks that featured chickens, lambs and Isabelle’s favourite the Easter bunny mask. They were made out of foam that were easy to assemble and glue. They were a huge hit and with the pack containing 4 masks they are great if you have more than one child. Isabelle wore hers proudly along with the fluffy bunny ears that we also purchased.

When it came to decorating the Easter bonnet, Isabelle had a full meltdown as she didn’t want to stick anything to her hat so instead we compromised and tied a ribbon with flowers around the hat for a pretty spring look.


The pack of hand puppets came with a plastic sewing needle and all of the parts to decorate the puppets. We had a double pack containing a bunny and a chick and also a more detailed Easter puppet friend in the shape of a lamb. As Isabelle would struggle sewing we sewn the made body together but allowed her to decorate. I would have loved creating them when I was younger so they would be perfect for older children.

We still have lots of crafts to carry out like the egg painting and decorating for the egg hunt and also lots of Easter cards to make and hand out to family.

We’re all set to keep Isabelle entertained for the next couple of weeks and considering all it cost was £20 it’s a bargain.


As Poundland Ambassadors we were provided with a £20 voucher for the purpose of the Poundland Easter Challenge but all thoughts and words are my own.

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