Why don’t we move in together?

Why don’t we move in together? 2

The Mr and I became a couple when I was still a young and spritely student, living in a house share with a couple of friends. Eight months into the relationship  we realised that he was practically living with me anyway, so we took the step and moved in together and it turned out to be the easiest decision we ever made.


It made sense for us to move in together since we spent all of our spare time together, as a couple we could both chip in for rent money, help save each other money by splitting the cost of bills and everyday living. Rather than us both having to pay separately for rent, council tax, energy and water bills we could combine them into one. Obviously we didn’t just move in together for the financial side of things but it sure was a bonus when the bills were halved and our food and housekeeping costs were greatly reduced.

It’s not just us, couples across the UK are seeing the benefits of moving in together. I’m not saying to jump right in at the deep end but for us it worked out and we really are happy. Food bills reduced over night and we discovered that cooking for two is a lot easier than cooking for one, not to mention the benefit of having an extra pair of hands to help around the house. With the money that we were saving we were able to start contributing to our rainy day fund for exciting things like holidays and even helping to grow our dreams for the future, actually getting our feet onto the property ladder now seems possible.

Eight years later we are still going strong and we have the little lady in our lives now, moving in together really was the best decision we ever made for both our family and our pockets too.


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