Does it make me a bad parent?

I have had many debates over my feelings towards feeding children chocolate, chips and cakes (plus other foods along those lines) My partners mother thought I was trying to be funny with her when I said I did not want my daughter to be allowed chocolates and sweets as they posed no nutritional value and I was happy for her to spend her first few years thinking that fruits and dried fruits were enjoyable as a treat or a snack.  I have nothing against those parents that do give their children a little treat every now and again as that is their choice but not for my child. She does not need it and until she is old enough to understand what sweets and chocolates are and to be able to ask for them herself, she will not recieve them. Back to my partners mother, when I informed her of my choices ( I was not backed up by my partner at this point) she proceeded to tell me “oh well you will not be allowed to have sweets and chocolates then, if she cant have it then you can’t have it” bearing in mind I am a 25 year old adult, I thought her reasoning was hilarious. By law I can smoke and drink alcohol (not that I smoke and it is very rare that I have a drink) but this does not mean that my daughter can, the same goes with with chocolate I can have it but it doesn’t mean that she can. Now i’m not saying that she will never be allowed it or sweets for that matter. What I’m saying is that, right now she doesnt need them or want them so why start?

My partners mother felt this was a personal attack on her because she raised her children differently, infact it was quite the opposite. You see my mother did the exact same thing with me, I didnt have treats like that until I was around 2 years old, I didn’t miss out on anything. I grew up choosing to have a piece of fruit over a piece of chocolate and I never really had any dislikes to fruit or veg.

I see far too any children choosing to eat rubbish instead of choosing to eat the healthy alternative and I believe that it is partly due to the fact thaat they were given the option to eat these foods at an early age, maybe as a reward for good behaviour or even to the extreme of keeping the child quiet for a period of time. The same goes with the option of chips as opposed to fresh vegetables with the common phrase being “I don’t like it.” I would hate for my child to be like that, fair enough if she didn’t like something then she would not be forced to eat it.

Maybe I am being too harsh but I do not think that I am wrong………

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