Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset Review

Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset Review 2

Doc McStuffins is one of Little Legs favourite shows, she loves to act out scenes with her Doc McStuffins medical bag and her toys (aka patients). Just like most children, Little Legs loves playing doctors, her toys have regular checkups and have undergone various treatments for everything from them having belly ache to broken limbs.


I knew that when the Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset arrived for us to review that Isabelle would be ecstatic. For a child that loves imaginative play, this is the perfect toy or her especially being such a huge Doc Mcstuffins fan.

Spotty Lambie

The set includes everything that you would need to take care of your sick patient. This includes the familiar Lambie with her pretty pink tutu, a pink heart shaped sponge, a cute plaster cast for fixing Lambie up, a magnifying glass to help with the diagnosing process, a pot of medicinal cream and a set of plasters to fix your patient.

When poor Lambie arrived it was clear to see that she was not very well at all, she was covered in lots of little red spots. Little Legs was very quick but thorough with her diagnosis. Lambie was suffering from a serious case of the “polka dots” . The spots are made of thermo sensitive ink which simply require a little rub with the magical heart shaped sponge or even a finger to make them disappear. Little Leg’s set to curing her patient Lambie, she prepped her table and examined her patient. She was fascinated by the reaction of rubbing the sponge over Lambies spots to make them disappear and before long, Lambie was clear of the “polka dots” (This didn’t last long though the spots disappear momentarily and then quickly reappear)


After tending to Lambies spots it was then time to give her a full check up using the magnifying glass, it was soon discovered that Lambie also had a boo boo on her belly and a broken leg which Little Legs tells me was from a roller skating accident. Little Legs took great care of her sick patient by covering her “boo boos” with the colourful plasters which stuck nicely to Lambie and she also fixed her leg with the cute little cast (not without telling Lambie that she has to be more careful on those roller skates in future) Before we knew it, Lambie was much better but she would need to rest. We put Lambie on bed rest for a few hours to recuperate.

The spotty Lambie playset is great for imaginative play and also role playing, it’s something which keeps little legs entertained for hours when she creates her own doctors clinic for sick toys.  The only negative that we discovered was that Little Legs had to rub really hard with the heart shaped sponge for the spots on Lambie to disappear, she had more success using her finger but being a typical stubborn preschooler she insisted that the only way was to use the sponge.

We’ve really enjoyed reviewing the Doc Mcstuffins Spotty Lambie Playset, it has made a nice addition to Little Leg’s Doc McStuffins toys. The accessories are the same size and style as the contents of the Doc McStuffins Doctors bag so she can now use all the items together when taking care of her sick patients. Little Legs gives this Playset a big thumbs up!

The Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset retails for £24.99 direct from Flair

Disclosure: We received the Doc McStuffins Spotty Lambie Playset to review but all the opinions expressed are my own.

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