Do I miss being pregnant?

Do I miss being pregnant? 2

I wouldn’t say I had a difficult pregnancy but it did have it down points, I was sick a lot for the whole of my pregnancy. Luckily it wasn’t hyperemesis but it was still bad enough that I was nauseous all day long. Adding to that I had low blood pressure so there were many dizzy spells throughout my days. Then there was the heartburn, drinking Gaviscon direct from the bottle like water was what I resulted in doing, not the most pleasant of things considering its chalky and gluey texture and that taste….blimey I’m glad to see the back of them. At around 6 months I developed a nasty case of SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) which played havoc on my hips, back and pelvis. Armed with a pelvic support belt and a nifty pair of crutches, my mobility in the last few months of pregnancy was affected to the point where I dreaded leaving the house and I whimpered as I walked. Weekly visits to the physiotherapist helped a great deal, I hate to think how I would have been without them. Finally I should mention that during my pregnancy, my ability to eat meals drastically decreased. I couldn’t manage to eat even a children’s sized meal in one sitting and I lost all appetite. That wasn’t too bad though as be3ing a rather rotund lass I was able to loose weight during my pregnancy…Score! Not one lb gain but a whole 2 stone loss during the 9 months (sadly this has all been put back on now )

So there we have my first pregnancy, no major health concerns and as a result, a beautiful baby girl but that’s not all. There were times during my pregnancy there were the moments I loved, the wriggling late at night when I was settling down to bed, the movements that I could physically see which was like watching something supernatural, the hiccups that I could see and feel which reassured me that she was right there, growing. I also love shopping for her when usually I detest shopping for myself. I could feel the bond with my baby as I sat and attempted to make a patchwork blanket for her by hand, sewing it stitch by stitch when I could not sleep.  I loved preparing for her arrival, making sure that we had everything that we  could possibly need for our little girl. Most of all I loved being pregnant more and more each day as I knew that as each day went by, I knew that it was a day closer to meeting my little lady.

Even though I ended up crippled with SPD and I couldn’t eat or sleep, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to bring me an amazing child like my little girl. So in answer to my question, yes I miss it….I miss it all, even that bloomin’ heartburn.

Do I miss being pregnant? 3




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