How do you display your photos?

Photo Collage

I love taking photographs of Isabelle, so much so that I have already collated over 50,000 photographs over the past 12 months, that is excluding the shots of blurs and non-usable photos.

The problem is that I generally just take the photos and just upload them to my Facebook account and never really display them at home. Our lack of photographs on display should really be a crime as we have such a lovely daughter (biased mummy) and we want to share her pictures.

When we were doing our hard work and exploring ideas for Isabelle’s Christmas Advent Calendar the lovely people at Snapfish offered us a voucher so we could choose an item from their website. Delighted with this I spent a while going through my pictures for ideas on what I would like.

I also looked through the many items and services that Snapfish had to offer including personalised cups, calendars, mouse mats, card and different types of wall art etc. but something caught my eye. A canvas, what a lovely idea. I could choose a picture of Isabelle and have it displayed on a lovely canvas for all to see (well visitors to my home) only I couldn’t choose just one photo. Out of my collection it would be impossible to choose just the one, who could? Then I noticed that they offer a photo collage canvas, perfect! I could have multiple pictures on the one canvas and that’s where my idea came in. Isabelle’s first year on a canvas (and if I can get my lovely partner to agree then I could do one every year)

Photo Collage

Now the website was surprisingly easy to navigate and the whole process of ordering even more so. I was allowed a maximum of 15 photos to upload and use on my collage.

So here’s how I did it

How do you display your photos? 1

How do you display your photos? 2

After selecting the product that I wanted and the size I could then choose the photos that I wanted to add to my Snapfish album. This is a great idea as they will be stored on my Snapfish account if I ever want to create any products from that album again.

How do you display your photos? 3

How do you display your photos? 4

From my album I selected the pictures that I wanted to appear on the lovely canvas, in this case it was all 15 of them.

How do you display your photos? 5

After add the photos I had the choice to mix the photos around until I was happy with the layout and display of them. I did this until I was satisfied with the layout of the pictures that I had chosen. One great thing that I discovered was that you can also change the colour of the background of the canvas. So instead of having just a plain white background I chose black. There were a variety of colours available so there’s something to match all room decors. The whole ordering process took me 5 minutes and was very simple.

This is what I came up with

How do you display your photos? 6

Now I cannot wait for my final product to arrive so that I can display Isabelle’s first year in pictures proudly on my wall without the clutter of lots of photo frames. I would definitely recommend their service for those personalised touches and they make excellent gifts for your friends and loved ones.


This is not a sponsored post but I did receive the product for review purposes

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