Cryptocurrency NEO: What is Its Peculiarity and Where Can I Buy Crypto?


Neo is the first open-source blockchain released in China which got the name “Chinese Ethereum” due to its popularity in this country and a similar mechanism that works with gas and smart contracts. The platform has two cryptocurrencies – NEO and GAS:

  • NEO is listed on all large crypto platforms. The token serves as a governance currency. That means NEO holders can vote and change the work of the blockchain. The price of NEO is $6.78 as of late November 2022.
  • GAS currency serves for transaction payments within the Neo ecosystem

NEO token holders can impact the course of the development of the platform and store NEO tokens in their wallets. The max emission of the NEO tokens is

100 million. ½ of all the tokens were sold during the ICO, and all the rest belong to the developers. Every year, no more than 15 million assets can be unlocked.

With the help of the Neo platform, you can digitize real sector physical assets and turn them into tokens with the purpose of proving ownership and trading them.

The NEO token is a central element of the platform. It has good prospects for an increase if the project keeps on developing and expands to the European market. Experts believe the NEO price can reach $36 in 2025.

How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency?

You can use the WhiteBIT exchange. It is a centralized platform that operates officially under European jurisdiction. WhiteBIT offers simple and advanced trading tools, and users can pick an interface from two versions – basic and advanced. Traders can take advantage of demo trading, from elementary actions such as buying and exchanging coins to complex trading methods such as futures and using leverage. In addition, the exchange has its utility token WBT, which gives its owners many advantages, such as discounts for transactions and access to more earning options.

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