How do you cope with a poorly baby?

sick bear

It’s a difficult time for any parent when their child is sick but what happens when the parents are sick to?

It seems that our little family has been struck by a stomach bug so we’re all feeling very sorry for ourselves. Individually we can cope with the bugs and as adults we know what makes us feel better and to say when we are feeling off.  So what happens when your child gets sick? Poor Isabelle seems to have had the bug for days now and today seems to the worst so far, but on the doctor’s advice there isn’t really much that we can do other that ride it out.

sick bear

Coping with a poorly baby is a totally different kettle of fish,  right now she is going through so many different emotions we have no idea what to do other than try to keep her comforted. With projectile pooping and vomiting it certainly isn’t a pleasant experience, especially when we are are poorly ourselves. Usually this would be enough to make me go back to bed but we have our little lady to think about, she doesn’t understand what’s going on and having a bug like this is still relatively new to her and she must feel awful.

So what have I learnt so far

1) Shockingly as bad as you feel you can still operate and tend to your child’s explosive nappies

2) I didn’t freak out when I was pooped upon, twice, in the same nappy change

3) Getting poo on my cream coloured sofa really wasn’t the end of the world

4) My stomach is stronger than I thought

5) Parents are not immune to getting sick, it comes as part of the territory of being a parent. No matter how diligent you are, your little one will share that lovely virus or bug

6) There are certain things you cannot plan for not matter how organised you are

7) On days like this no matter how much effort I put in I will still look like rubbish

8) No number of scented candles will mask the smell of an upset baby tummy

9) Trying to withhold food from a toddler is near enough impossible

So with some great advice here are my top tips for surviving a tummy bug

1) Although I cannot give dietary advice, try to avoid foods that are rich, sugary foods, fatty foods and spicy foods.  Isabelle has been putting up some resistance and refusing to eat her toast whilst currently attacking the fridge but for her sanity and ours operation no more crappy nappies will have to continue. We have given up on mealtimes with Isabelle but have been offering her lots of her favourite snacks. What I can advise is do not worry if your child is off their food, just make sure that they have plenty to drink.

2) Make sure that you all get plenty of fluids to stop you dehydrating, most of the rubbish feeling comes from being dehydrated including sickness and headaches

3) Don’t try to do too much, leave the cleaning for another day ladies or at least until later on. The hovering and mopping can wait! So go on put your feet up and get plenty of rest whilst you can because as soon as your little one starts to feel better they will be off and running around again. (I know it’s really not as easy at that)

 4) Don’t leave the house unless you really have to and if you do remember to take a spare set of clothes for the little one.

5) Enjoy your cuddles on the sofa; we’re currently enjoying watching Tangled whilst snuggled up under a blanket.

Good luck with your poorly babies, I can sympathise with you all

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  1. I love how you word things… Especially the first point of things you had learnt. xXx

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