What concerned me most about giving birth?

Shaved Cat

Now ladies becoming a parent is one for the most enjoyable experiences and when I was pregnant I was so excited to meet our little girl but it dawned on me as I approached the end of my pregnancy that this little baby would have to come out.

This is where I became somewhat of a nightmare to live with, not because of the talk of pain or living with a foof like a wizards sleeve afterwards but the prospect of not knowing when was my concern. I’m not one for surprise, I like my schedules and lists and being prepared but this is one thing that I could not plan and that scared me. This was one thing that I could not pencil in to my Filofax

Fair enough I was prepared to look after a baby but I had this issue, probably not a main concern for the majority of ladies (I could be wrong, comments are welcomed) how could I time my foof tidying with the birth of my daughter.  For weeks I was plagued with this and since it was difficult to even stand and potter around the thought of having to “prepare” worried me. What if I missed bits that I could no longer see due to my fidgeting bump? Would it look like road kill once I was done? Maybe I could try and pass it off as some form of fashionable style.  I was wrong; I couldn’t pull off any fashionable style due to the aforementioned lack of visual contact.

Now there is no handbook on what is right or wrong so I asked my midwife, “What do you prefer, to have a neatly trimmed lady or nothing there at all?” Obviously I wasn’t talking about her own personal style that would have been awkward. I wanted to know what other ladies did. She gave me the answer of “its personal choice” why was this not in the text book under how to prepare?

Well I hadn’t the foggiest, so I took to the internet, to parenting and pregnancy forums but again it was personal choice.

I decided to go with my gut and ask my lovely partner to help me in my time of need which resulted in a mixture of laughter and confusion on his part as he didn’t understand why is was such a big deal to me.

I didn’t want to do anything too soon and risk having to do it all again and I didn’t want to risk leaving it too late. I turned to a professional and I booked into the beauty therapy room at my local salon for the Friday before my due date, I knew this was a little risky as most women go over their due date in their first pregnancy……or so I was told. The 3rd of December and my worries would be over and I wouldn’t have to fret anymore but lo and behold Isabelle arrived on the 2nd of December…..the day before my appointment.

So what happened? Well I shall tell you what happened, in the onset of labour whilst running around collecting bags and checking lists I remembered my dilemma, my appointment wasn’t for a few days. My partner was far too flustered to lend a hand, so I had to go it alone, armed with my tools with contractions coming practically every 2-3 minutes I made possibly the worst decision.  Remove it all, that’s what I should do and I was proud of my choice.

Shaved Cat

And that my dear friends is how I earned the pet name tufty mufty from my loving partner, I became aware of this new name the day after the birth of my daughter.

Next time, I wont give a crap……well I say that now

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha. I love this post! xx

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