Choosing the Right Window Style For Your Loft

Loft Window

When choosing your loft style, the type of window you install is paramount to getting the best out of your investments. Velux windows tend to be the main source of natural light within the home, so it’s vital to access the location and type of window to give you the amount of lighting desired in your loft.

Choosing the correct style of velux window can help to reduce your energy bills by cutting down the need for artificial, electric lights. We’ll be discussing the types of loft window, their benefits, and what style of loft they work best for.


Skylights are probably one of the most commonly talked about windows when it comes to adding windows to roofing –  but what are they?

Velux skylights are fixed structures, meaning they do not open. When talking about adding windows to loft conversions, skylights can often be confused with opening window structures, such as Top Hung Roof Windows. Skylights are great for spaces which need a lot of natural light, however, as they cannot open they do not allow for venting. Due to this reason, it’s important to use them wisely.

It’s most beneficial to install skylights to tall structures, such as rooms with unreachable ceilings that require a lot of natural light. When doing so, it’s important to pair them with windows that do open, allowing for sufficient ventilation in the room. We recommend installing these to loft storage spaces, rather than loft-bedrooms or spaces that require fresh-air.

loft window

Top Hung Roof Windows

When thinking about the average loft conversion, Top Hung Roof Windows are the most commonly installed type of window. Top Hung Roof Windows open outwards using a hinge from the top of the window, giving the user a good amount of unobstructed space to lookout at the view.

This type of window is great for loft-bedroom spaces or other frequently utilised loft spaces, giving sufficient natural lighting and air-ventilation. As well as being user friendly, with ease of  cleaning to both sides of the glass.

Centre-Pivot Windows

Centre-Pivot windows are another extremely common choice when it comes to loft conversions. The defining feature that differs the Centre-Pivot from the Top Hung is that the window hinge opens in the centre part of the window rather than the top section of the frame.

Centre Pivot windows are a great choice for roofing that is pitched anywhere between 15-90 degrees. This type of window is exceptional for low or shallow roofing, and allows for the user to use the space beneath the structure without the window getting in the way. Making them a great choice for frequently used converted spaces.

High Pivot Windows

High pivot windows are most similar to the centre-pivot window. You can think of them as the mid-way point between a top hung roof window and a centre-pivot, as the axis point of rotation is located between the top frame and the central point of the frame.

High pivot windows make a great choice for loft spaces with extremely low ceilings, or smaller spaces with a lot of furniture or clutter. Installing the axis of rotation at a higher point of the window frame allows for them to open efficiently without blocking or getting in the way of items underneath.

Balcony /  Terrace Windows

A balcony or terrace window are the perfect option for those looking for more space within their loft conversions. This style of window fully opens up and allows for the user to stand upright at the window without being obstructed by the structure. This style of window is installed with a railing to give the feel of standing on a balcony, while your feet are still fully inside the home.

In order to install a balcony / terrace window you will first need to obtain planning permission. The council are quite strict on what housing locations are permitted to install balcony windows, due to them being quite intrusive to surrounding homes and gardens. If you live in an area overlooking the private property of others, your planning request may be rejected.

Balcony and terrace windows are perfect for city locations and for those desiring a more luxury feel to their home.

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