Chocoholic 2

Since Isabelle was born I have disocovered my sweet tooth, especially for chocolate. At first it was the occasional bar maybe 1-2 per week at the most but now I get physical cravings. Not just the hmm a bar of chocolate would be nice, but more of the I NEED one. I like to think that it’s my saving grace, those 5 minutes (if it’s lucky) that I get to take a moment and enjoy a treat. Now I don’t eat it every day even though I would like to as I am on a mission to loose some excess padding. I can say no to eating a bar but it is hard work and I do not like it.

So why this post? I am now on a mission to cut this naughty treat out of my life (not for good) just until I reach my goal size. I eat a lot of fruit so I am hoping I can find a substitute…………….or  even something to fill that chocolate hole.

Goodbye for now you deliciously moorish treat.

Chocoholic 3

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  1. Michelle-Yvette

    at 5:08 pm

    Try a Sainsbury’s own brand (value) Dark Chocolate a square of it kills my chocolate craving and I have more than a little padding to lose after having Logan 4 months ago!

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