10 Changes To Make To Your Home This Year

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Making changes to your home is something that is important to do as a homeowner. They may be necessary changes to make the place look nicer or it could be that you’re tired of seeing the same thing every day and you’ve done so for the past few years. It’s always a good idea to give your home a little update or transformation every now and then. With that being said, here are ten changes to make to your home this year.

Get Rid Of Anything That’s Broken

The first thing you want to do when it comes to your home is to get rid of anything that’s broken. There’s nothing worse than having to see something over and over again when it doesn’t work or is faulty. If that’s the case, there are so many different services and providers out there who will be more than willing to take the appliance itself off your hands. It’s worth looking at a fridge disposal service for anything like that which is not easily able to get rid of. There are lots of ways a piece of furniture or appliance can be stripped down and re-used again, so why not give it to those who are able to do that? It’s definitely worth doing and something you should certainly do instead of letting it sit there collecting dust.

By getting rid of the thing that’s broken, it motivates you to get whatever you need to replace it quickly. Just like anything, jobs that need doing around the home can often fall to the bottom of the list.

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Rearrange The Furniture

When it comes to rearranging your furniture, it’s something you want to do when you’re perhaps on a budget and can’t really afford to spend to transform your home. However, rearranging furniture is a very easy way to save yourself money but also to change the feel of a room or home completely. When you moved in, everything you had around the home was likely to set a certain way and hasn’t been adjusted since. It can really transform the space when you decide to move things around a bit.

Start off adjusting any of the bigger items first before moving onto the smaller items of furniture. Anything that you can perhaps get rid of and that’s cluttering up the space, is worth doing. Once you’ve rearranged everything, step back and take a look at it. You’ve likely made a huge difference to the space already and that’s without spending any money on it!

Incorporate More Smart Features In Your Home

Smart features are something more and more households are purchasing now because they make life a little easier. From those appliances, you can control easily from your phone to those lights that you can clap on and clap off again. There are so many different pieces of technology out there that it’s definitely worth taking advantage of when you’re able to. Think about the smart features that you want in your home as a homeowner now and those smart features that perhaps you can even leave behind as a permanent feature. These could end up adding value to your home too, like solar panels for example. Solar panels would certainly attract those who are looking to actively contribute less to the environment and solar panels definitely help with that.

Create A More Clutter-Free Environment

Creating a more clutter-free environment is important and it can make a real difference to your mood when you’ve got a cleaner and more functional space. Clutter makes for a tripping hazard and it’s likely filling up more of your floor space than you’d like. It’s worth looking at taking an afternoon off or a weekend where you get together as a household to sort through all the clutter that you have around your home. Typical of clutter, you’ll likely have lots of cupboard spaces and areas that you weren’t even aware of being in existence until now. Make sure you go through every nook and cranny so that you are doing a full declutter of the home. Try and sort the clutter into piles so that you can perhaps sell anything that’s worth selling and then recycle or bin anything that isn’t of use anymore.

There may also be things that you can give to charity too if they’re in good condition and could go to a new home.

Consider A Renovation Or Extension

For those who have a bit of money in their bank that they’ve saved up, it might be a good idea to give your home a transformation in the form of a renovation or extension. Both will require a lot of planning to ensure you can do it within a certain timeframe and you have the budget available. For renovations, these are a little easier as you’re not likely to do much in the way of building. With renovations, you’re simply doing over a room that already exists. This could be a bathroom or kitchen, as these tend to be the spaces that get a lot of wear and tear over the years.

For extensions, they require a lot more planning but can be good to do if you fancy making a bit of money onto your property. Extensions will require you to get planning permission in some instances and it’s worth making sure your neighbours know of your plans too. The last thing that you want to do is upset them or have them on your case if you didn’t tell them. They could try to stop any of the plans you have, which would be annoying. Remember that with both renovations and extensions, there are likely to be delays, so be flexible with your timeline where possible.

Swap Out Any Soft Furnishings

When it comes to your soft furnishings, it’s important to swap these out seasonally so that your home looks a little different every season. If you’re not already doing this, then why not? They can be an affordable way of making a small but impressionable change to the space. You could get festive ones for the holidays or go for bold colours over the summer period. It can be something that switches up your interior design without having to spend a lot of money or to get the paint brush out.

Change Your Door Knobs

Door knobs. They don’t seem like something that could transform your space, but they can make for a nice change. For a lot of homes, the door handles or door knobs can tend to be the same as most households. However, there are so many different variations and styles out there, why not be a little bit different than the rest? Changing your door knobs is a feature that might not look immediately noticeable but will definitely make an impression amongst your guests when they come over.

Go online and find some inspiration for the different doors around your home. Whether it’s an exterior door handle or an interior one, you can have a lot of fun with it!

Deep Clean Any Carpets Or Rugs

Carpets and rugs can get a little tired and dirty over time. It’s worth giving them a deep clean where you can and a professional deep clean at that. Your household products can only do so much and sometimes a professional hand is needed to tackle those carpets that might look a little worse for wear. It’s good to this every three to five years but it’s worth assessing your carpets to see if you need to do them more often. You’d likely want to do this if you’re selling your home or simply want to give them a clean to keep the quality of the carpet in check.

For rugs, you might want to take them into a shop or store that offers cleaning services for rugs especially. There are those that specialise in vintage rugs too so if you’ve got any that might be high-value, then it’s good to go with a specialist, rather than someone more generic in what they offer.

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Add Some Greenery To Your Home

Greenery can make your home look a lot more presentable and welcoming. Indoor plants have fast become a popular feature for a lot of homes nowadays so if you’re looking for a bit of a change, then it’s worth getting a few plants to pop around your home. Think about each of the rooms in your home and match them accordingly to the type of plant you’re after. Some are going to need to be adaptable to certain environments, whether that be a warm room like a kitchen or a moisture-heavy room like a bathroom.

Making changes to your home is something that’s worth doing this year so that you can enjoy your space even more so. Use these tips to get the most out of your hard work, whether it’s decluttering your home or adding on an extension. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

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