Why You Should Buy a Used Car in December Rather Than January

buying a used car

If you are thinking about getting a new-to-you car, you might be tempted to wait for January to arrive. After all, you might reason, January sales are the time to get all the good bargains, why would the used car market be any different. In fact, January is a great time to buy many things for less than the usual price, but used cars is not one of them! Here’s why.

Ripples from New Numberplate

The first reason to buy second-hand in October, November and December is because the new numberplate issue in September is still fresh and tempting people into splurging on that brand new car experience – and this means that their current vehicles are now up for grabs. Another good time to buy second-hand can be immediately before the new plates come out (March and September respectively) but there is a tail off that runs for about three months, until the next numberplate issue seems to be on the horizon, whereupon people will hold onto their vehicles for a little while longer. But learning these ebbs and flows in the second-hand market, you will soon spot the best times to buy a used car that will suit your needs and budget. Once you spot the ideal moment, visit KAP Motors Used Cars Hove Showroom and get the most amazing car deals.

Getting a New Used Car for Christmas

Cars for Christmas are a feature of the well-to-do, sometimes brand new cars for first-time car owners, but very often they can be upgrades to replace current vehicles. To help offset the cost of the new car, these existing cars can be put up for sale with the emphasis being on a quick sale, easily accomplished. This can mean that the availability of good quality second-hand cars rises in December, making it a good time to hunt around for your next new-to-you bargain.

Demand is Low

Because it is Christmas, many people are not wanting to spend time and money on replacing their car unless it is as a gift for a loved one. This often means that the demand for used cars dips ever so slightly, meaning that you are more likely to find one for a bargain price. Take advantage of their preoccupation with tinsel and mince pies to snag a new ride to show off to your loved ones over the holiday.

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