Bringing it Back

Bringing it Back 2

Over the years there have been many fashion trends that have come and gone, and even some that have made a comeback (and some that we wished had stayed gone).

From clothes, makeup looks to hair styles, it would seem that we are no strangers to the return of iconic trends. There’s the mini skirt that made its first debut in the 60’s and has had many come backs since (I’d like to forget about my mini skirt fashion faux pas, it was not a good look for me…….at all!)

Flared trousers were also huge fashion piece to have over the decades and I remember rocking a pair of bell bottomed jeans in high school (again probably not the best look for me) I spent the majority of my late teens (killing my hair with bleach) dying my hair pink which has been quite the popular hair colour of choice this year, I’m not quite sure that I could attempt that look again in my 30s.

Some of the main fashion comebacks that I have loved include the top knot (aka mum bun) which is my go to hairstyle, although for me, it’s sometimes less no-effort-chic and more Miss Trunchbull. Another comeback look that I am loving at the moment is the understated nude lip. Minimal effort required and it’s versatile which is great for someone like me, that is absolutely useless with a make-up brush.

This year has also seen the return of many of my favourites, including the bobble hat and dungarees, there’s something about them that I just love. I think most wore them as an infant and refused to wear them again but I took the opportunity to embrace the dungarees in my teens, early 20s and much to my delight, again this year in my 30s. I’ve had denim ones, in black, blue and even white shorts over the summer, but my favourite pair pair has to have been my purple corduroy ones that I wore to my school’s year 3 Christmas party. I wore them with a pair of, equally purple, Mary Jane style Doc Martens whilst doing my best attempt at The Loco-Motion.

Now corduroy is another fashion comeback that I absolutely love, it’s set to be a huge look for this Autumn/Winter. Corduroy has been a material used throughout the ages and I’m glad that it is making a comeback. I specifically remember my favourite item of clothing from my university days were a pair of skinny, black corduroy trousers. Teamed with my trusty Converse they were my go-to combo. Not much has changed now, for the school runs throughout the start of winter I have loved my skinny corduroy trousers. I even have an A Line mustard coloured,  corduroy skirt to team with some chunky knit tights and a high necked sweater, for when I’m feeling daring enough to brave a skirt this winter.


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