Helpful Blogging Tips For Stay At Home Mums


Blogging is a brilliant pastime for both working at home mums as well as for those who want a space to share their ideas. A blog is a wonderful thing and can bring you a lot of joy as well as opportunities as you start gaining popularity. 

If you are looking to start your first blog this winter during the UK lockdown and need some advice, we have some helpful tips and tricks for you to try out. 

Have an idea book for blogging

When starting your first blog it is so important for you to write down ideas as they come to you. Inspiration can hit at the most random times, and it is important for you to be ready to jot them down for future reference. Having an idea book will allow you to list article ideas and tick them off when you have completed them. It will bring some form of organisation to you blog and help you stay on track with content. 

Draw a calendar 

Blogging is a brilliant activity and it is something you may want to continue doing even once the pandemic is over. One great way to track your content schedule is to get a piece of plain paper and draw yourself a calendar. Leave enough room in the day boxes to write down article ideas. If you are the type of blog that covers a few topics such as food and beauty and lifestyle – you can colour code your entries and make sure that you are getting an even spread of each topic throughout a given month. Always leave room in a calendar for spur of the moment ideas that you just have to share. 

Blogging Workspace

Write when inspiration strikes 

It is important as a blogger to write when inspiration strikes you. The great things about many CMS platforms such as WordPress and Wix is that they have mobile apps that allow you to quickly jot down ideas as they come and save them as drafts until you can edit them at home. You can also use a document writer such as Google Docs to jot down your ideas until you have the chance to get home and import it to your platform. 

Take awesome photos 

Imagery is the most crucial part of a blog, and if you are to find success as a blogger you should be able to entice your audience with amazing photos. The good news is that with the quality of camera phones these days you don’t need a dSLR camera to take amazing pictures for your blog. You can take photos from your phone and use apps such as Snapseed to edit images and import them to your blog. Feature images for articles are key, and you can also take extra photos throughout a post to help demonstrate steps in a recipe or a tutorial. 


Get help with your website 

When starting a blog for the first time the most intimidating aspect might be the website itself. Don’t worry if you aren’t a technical person at heart, because you can get help from an IT support agency and SEO agency to get you started on your journey. Don’t worry about the possibility of technical failures because once you find a brilliant IT support service you can keep them on file when things go wrong. 

Learn about marketing 

It is important when you become a blogger that you also learn about marketing. Digital marketing has been a huge part of business for a long time now and many people look towards digital marketing for the running of their company. Take the time to research digital marketing such as email campaigns, search engine ads, social media and SEO. Understand the importance of marketing a post both before and after publishing to help your business small blog see success. 

Engage on social media 

Social media is a modern powerhouse when it comes to marketing and you need to engage in here if you are to make a name for your brand. Be sure to set up social media accounts at the same time as you set up your website to promote your blog posts and gain connections. This is a huge step in your blogging journey and in order to be successful you should be able to engage with your audience and talk to them to make friends. 

Use free tools 

One way that you can make your blogging process much easier this year is to use free tools online to create graphic content as well as schedule your posts. For example Buffer is a social media scheduling tool you can use to schedule posts ahead of time to save you having to be as consistent. You can also use Canva to make engaging Pins or other content for your social media profiles and website. 

Schedule articles ahead of time 

It is important as a blogger, and as a mum, that you have things ready to go ahead of time in case things get hectic at home. You can write and schedule as many blog posts as you want so it might be worth spending a day writing lots of different articles while you are in the flow of content creation. This means that even when you are too busy to write, you’ll always have plenty of content on your blog bringing in new visitors and allowing you to find success on the platform. 

Create a cosy workspace 

As a blogger working at home it is important for you to set out a workspace. A small office area in your house is the perfect place to set up shop as a blogger and you’ll be able to decorate the space to your liking to provide inspiration and motivation when you write. Having a place in the house dedicated to blogging is a good idea because it allows you to get away from the hectic life of raising kids and have space for your own hobby. You’ll be much more productive and you’ll be able to get much more done! 

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