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If like me and blogging is your favourite pastime, then this post could be just what you are looking for. For me, it has been a delicate balance between motherhood, content creation, and keeping up with the beauty regime. Initially, I didn’t worry much about my blog site; I just wanted to put down my thoughts into writing.

However,  there’s more to blogging than just publishing your posts. The blogging world has expanded and now it’s possible to earn an income from your blog. In order to start earning an income from your blog theres a few things that we look at. Remember, your site is competing against more than two million other posts that are published daily. You need to get the attention of your audience and keep it as long as possible. But how can you do this if you don’t measure the success of your blog site?

How do we measure blogging success?

Measuring your site’s performance and success helps you figure out what your audience needs. It also helps you strategize for monetization. With this in mind, what are the key metrics that give you a clear understanding of your blog’s performance?

Organic Site Visits

The most popular metric used in the measurement of blog success is the total number of site visits. Site visits tell you two things; how easy it is for readers to find your content and how it ranks in search engines. The higher the number of site visits in a specific period, the more you’re connecting with readers.

One way to ensure that readers are directed to your site when searching for information is to optimize your headlines. This means that it captures the specific words they use in searching for information, also known as keywords.

Furthermore, it helps to create pages that specifically answer searched questions. Avoid discussing your products or services when creating this type of content.

If you’re using the right approach in keyword research, you should see a significant increase in organic visits. Consider measuring this metric every five to six months.

New Subscriptions

A blog post serves as the entry point in the sales funnel. They are the pillar on which the reader and blogger build trust and create a foundation for a long-term relationship. If you aim to make money from your blogging efforts, each blog post should strengthen the relationship towards the end goal.

If the blog aims to share your thoughts, your blogging should help build a reading community. Your call-to-action should encourage readers to take the desired action, in this case, becoming blog subscribers.

You, therefore, need to measure how many site visitors are converting by subscribing to your newsletter. Check how many CTA clicks each blog post has and how many leads the overall blog has generated. These questions are essential in helping you determine the direction your blogging will take for more tremendous success.  

Social Media Shares

If your readers share your content on their social media platforms, it’ll help your blog post stay abuzz on the internet. Sharing extends the reach to your content by creating a ripple effect on the platforms.

Carefully analyse the blog posts that have the most significant number of shares. They can tell you the kind of content that’s most appealing to your audience. This way, you’ll know the topics to capitalize on and the article structure that receives the most attention.

Remember to always optimize your blog posts for social media. This entails using featured images or snippets. When people share them, the images or snippets’ visual effect attracts new people to click on the link to your blog.

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Average Length of Stay

With all the digital distractions taking people’s attention away, readers’ attention span has gone down over the years. 55% of site visitors will be on your website for an average of 14 seconds only. As a blogger, you need to work hard to make your site visitors stick long enough to read an entire blog post.

 The average length of stay on a post indicates how compelling your content is to the readers. If you want to make your readers stay longer and read your content, ensure your post is easy to read, with a crisp design and attractive font.

It’s also advisable to use graphics and images to capture their attention. Images encourage readers to scroll down to the end of the post. For an even higher metric, capture your readers’ attention with a question at the end of the post. This will encourage engagement in the comment section as readers answer your question or comment on your post. 

Page Views per Visit

The overall goal of each blog post is to promote your brand awareness as well as foster engagement. It’s an excellent strategy to grow your business. As such, page views per visit quantify your success rate as it encourages multiple interactions.

If a visitor checks out several pages on your site, there are high chances that they already like your brand. Each page they read increases brand recognition and builds trust, leading to conversions down the line.

You can improve your page visits per view metric by embedding links on individual blog posts. This helps bring readers to other articles within your blog related to the anchor text. Take the time to learn how you can be more creative with your backlinks to help build your search engine optimization (SEO).

Lead Source Breakdown

After establishing how many visitors your site is receiving, it’s prudent to take it a step further. Identify where the visits are coming from to take further steps to increase the leads. Are your posts generating more leads from email or social media?

 If social media platforms don’t create blog leads but generate considerable traffic, find a way to fix the discrepancy. The idea is to generate more leads from all the traffic coming from social media.

Now that you know what to monitor, what will you use for the task? Several online tools like Whatagraph are available to help you create metric reports for your site performance. You’ll get professional assistance if you’re not sure how to go about them. 

Final Thoughts

Once you start tracking your blog’s performance, don’t let the numbers disappoint you if they don’t measure up yet. Remember that the results for your efforts won’t show right away. Continue building on your blogging strategy while addressing the existing weaknesses and following a consistent strategy.

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