Beat the war on warm soggy sandwiches!

Beat the war on warm soggy sandwiches! 2

Travelling abroad can be an expensive prospect. Not only do you have to contend with the cost of flights and accommodation but also entertainment and food whilst you are on vacation. Many turn to all inclusive holidays as a way to save some pennies but still days out and trips away from the poolside can quickly mount up.

One option to get the most out of your holiday, stay economical, and still see the sights is to travel with your own food. Here’s some tips that I recently employed on our holiday in Cyprus…

Popping a picnic in your car hire and heading out to explore means you can have a fabulous time without worrying about stopping for an expensive lunch. However the heat abroad can do funny things to egg sandwiches so you may want to consider what you put in your hamper.

picnic basket

If you have a self catering apartment ensure you freeze some ice blocks which will ensure your food lasts for longer in the heat, if you are staying in a hotel you will find the local store sells ice which can be transferred into a bag in your picnic hamper which will have the same impact.

Continental Quiche

Always a crowd pleaser, a premade Quiche can withstand most temperatures and can be eaten hot or cold. Make sure you remember paper plates and for those with excellent table manners some plastic knives and forks. A side salad with some feta cheese can be the perfect accompaniment and if you are lucky enough to not be the designated driver you may want to wash it down with a nice chilled (use the ice) glass of glistening Pinot.

Simple Salad

When the sun is kind enough to shine upon us appetites tend to reduce and the crisp green freshness of a well prepared salad can seem almost irresistible. Hunt around the local supermarket for some of the in season local produce and go adventurous with your fillings. Ensure the taste sensation is tightly sealed in an air free box and again keep in the shade with ice surrounding to ensure it stays succulent.

beach bbq

BBQ on the Beach

Meat is the first thing to become dangerous to eat when cooked and exposed to the sun, one way to reduce the risk is to cook it when you arrive at your destination, turning your picnic into a beach BBQ. Pick up a couple of throwaway barbeques and don’t forget the matches. Choose your meat of choice and pack it tightly into a cooler bag and protect it with ice or freezer bags and away you go. The kids can swim in the sea or play on the Dunes whilst you fire up the Barbie and get down with the joys of cooking in the open air.

Sweet tooth heaven

Make sure your taste buds are sedated with a range of thrilling desserts, if the sun manages to work its way into a summer pudding or a box of chocolate thrills I imagine most would still manage to finish them off. Local fruit and candied treats can keep the children going all afternoon before finally heading back to the hotel for more fun and games.

By Jane Blackmore

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