Baby Walkers – Are You Using Them Properly?

Baby Walkers – Are You Using Them Properly? 2

If you’re like many parents, you know a baby walker is a great way to help your child establish the skills they need to start walking. Here’s a few tips to get you and your infant off to a great beginning.

learning to walk 

Sit-in Baby Walkers
If your walker doesn’t come pre-assembled, be certain to follow the instructions in the manual to ensure putting it together properly. Some walkers are equipped with adjustable seat and security straps so that you can find the best fit for your baby as he/she grows. Babies that have already learned to roll, crawl and sit have the most success with sit-in walkers, but children six months or younger may find that a folded blanket or pillow tucked in front of them helps to keep their body upright and steady.
Before placing your child in the walker, make sure all stairwells or other floor obstructions like heaters or ovens are carefully blocked off. You’ll want to find a large area of hard floor for your baby to roll on, as carpeted spaces will be very difficult for them to use. Many sit-in walkers have Activity Centres extensions filled with colourful toys and gismos to enhance your child’s dexterity and their exposure to new textures and sounds.

Push Truck Walkers
This traditional form of baby walker allows children to stand behind the walker and push it around. Many contain blocks or games within the front section that help to steady the walker with more weight, ultimately increasing the work required for the infant to push it around. These too can be loaded up with fun and interactive attachments that light up, play music or even teach numbers or the alphabet. If you’re looking to build your baby’s core strength and improve their balance and coordination, push truck walkers are highly recommended.

Overall you need to make sure your child is safe but also able to have as much fun as possible! You can search for baby walkers easily and quickly online.

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