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About KarinaAbout Karina

Blogger, Creative Type, Social Media Addict, WordPress Enthusiast, Geek Extraordinaire

Hello There!, I’m Karina, the author of this here blog. I dwell in the not so sunny City of Manchester with my little family; the Mr, ‘Little Legs’, our dogs Obi & Loki and Jasper the cat.

Mum’s The Nerd started back in 2010 as a way of keeping myself entertained when I started maternity leave. Since then the blog has grown and become pretty much more of an open creative space.

I love blogging, food and  photography. I’m fortunate enough to get to hang out with my little lady every day which is pretty cool, she entertains me with her epic dance moves and ‘teenage attitude” whilst I cater to her every whim. I’d love to consider myself to be a domestic goddess but then I would be lying to you.

Some random facts about me

    • As you might have guessed, I’m what some would call a big ol’ Nerd
    • I studied Computer Science
    • I enjoy going to the gym 3-4 times a week
    • I’m a crazy animal lady
    • I suffer from Anxiety
    • I’m a huge Star Wars fan girl
    • I adore Lego
    • I’m a huge Comic fan, I love Marvel and DC Comics or anything related, superheroes are my thing
    • Cartoons from the 80’s/early 90’s float my boat, I’m talking about you Captain Planet
    • I love stationery, it is my weakness like kryptonite is to Superman.
    • As a family we love to travel and adventure
    • I love taking days out with my little family, planned or not they are my favourite way to spend my time
    • I am incredibly socially awkward
    • I spend my downtime gaming or reading
    • I’m a big Nintendo fan and a massive Zelda fan
    • And most importantly I love being a parent more than anything, as corny as it sounds being a parent really has changed my life. I love my little family, they mean the world to me and I wouldn’t know how to live without them.

I think that pretty much sums everything up, but if you want to know anything else just ask

You can also find me at Just One More Chapter



About Little Legs (Isabelle)

Little Legs was born in December 2010 and is quite the character, if I could describe her simply, it would be strong-willed. She knows what she likes and is a determined little girl. She was recently diagnosed with ADHD/ASD which has taken a huge learning curve.

When she grows up she would like to be a zoo vet, farmer or a Jedi Knight (preferably all 3)

Her favourite things include

    • Animals in all shapes and sizes
    • Anime
    • Drawing
    • Dinosaurs
    • Minecraft
    • Lego
    • Horses
    • YouTube
    • Reading
    • Adventures
    • Days out
    • Swimming
    • Climbing
    • Star Wars
    • Playing Water Polo
    • Horse Riding
    • Roblox


About 2

About The Mr (AJ)

AJ is an enthusiast of many things including

  • Whisky
  • Mountain Biking
  • Motorcycles
  • Classic Cars
  • Motorsports
  • Gaming
  • Weight Lifting
  • Computer Programming
  • Star Wars
  • Camping


MTN Pets
About The Pets

We wouldn’t be a family without the fluffy members. They include 2 English Springer Spaniels,  Obi (aged 7) and Loki (aged 6). We also have Jasper, the 12 year old cat