5 Beauty Treatments That Should Get You Giddy

beauty treatments

After being trapped in lockdown for so long, you’re going to want to book yourself into the nearest of the best beauty spas you can find. The beauty industry has taken quite the hit these past months, but it’s pegged as one of the industries that will be making a comeback once lockdown is over. It’s going to give people back their sanity, their joy for life, and want to care more about themselves again. For many people, it will relieve their depression and make them look as good as they want to eventually feel. But what kind of treatments can you look forward to? What kind of treatments haven’t you previously heard about that you should try right now?


Here’s the top 5 Beauty Treatments that we can’t wait to try

Cupping, the new fad?

As we have been sitting at home for so long, our bodies are going to be feeling it. We’re putting on weight, we’re inactive, muscle atrophy is kicking in and we just feel like we have a lot of toxins keeping in our lymph nodes and skin. But, cupping is a technique that can get rid of all of that and allow you to feel fresh even without working out. It improves circulation because it pools blood up at the surface of the skin, and forces new blood to enter into the muscles. You might feel a little light-headed, but you can still breathe easy, you’re fine and many people believe it’s a therapeutic experience.

Cupping involves using suction cups, which will be attached to air pressure lines that suck the air out of the cup, forcing your skin to become pinched. The suction will draw blood into an area of the skin, pooling it and it will hold there for as long as the cup is still attached. You can lie down or sit as this treatment is performed. Most people choose to lie down and leave the cups on for about 20 minutes.

A light mask

LED face masks have become the norm in various beauty shops around the world. They are not UV masks, in that, they don’t shine UV rays into your skin to give you a tan. Your skin might become a little redder and plump, but don’t expect it to go darker by a shade or two. An LED facial mask is used to shine little lights onto your face and kill bacteria. It can help to reduce the signs of acne and spots, but it can also give you a firmer skin tone. A firmer skin tone occurs when you have good circulation but also, stimulated lymph nodes that can filter out toxins and horrible chemicals that your body stores in your face. Your muscles will relax, you’ll get tingling feeling and after about 20-30 minutes so fearing the mask you will feel refreshed. It can feel like going to the beach and having the fresh ocean air cleanse your face but have the sunshine on your skin too.

Sports massage

Deep tissue massage has become very popular thanks to some YouTube channels whereby professionals massage therapists show their techniques and dispel some anxieties. Sports massage has been known to be painful and intense, but, thanks to various different schools of thought, it has been made more attractive to the average person. Normally, sports massage is reserved for athletics, and to give them the best service, sports massage therapists do their messages hard and deep. This relieves a lot of tension but it’s very painful.

Now, thanks to changes in philosophy, beginner sports massages are made easier for customers. They won’t be as hard, deep, or slow. This way you can slowly get used to the discomfort and then gradually go up the scale of pressure applied.

It’s effective for your beauty because it truly does give your whole body a reset. It just flushes away all of the bad stuff in one go. It can bring new blood and fluids to your muscles, revitalize your skin, drain your lymph nodes and give your entire body relief. You will also have all your scar tissue broken up too, which can harbour a lot of tension.

Fuller eyebrows

For most women, eyebrows are not an issue they worry about. They have a decent pair which is in good shape and full length. However, many women who aren’t born with good eyebrow genetics, they feel they need an extra lift. That is why the microblading service from a beauty express like Richmond House Beauty Salon is so popular. What they do is very simple. They will use a blade with microneedles to put pigment in your eyebrows, following your current hairs, and make new lengths that will be semi-permanent. It’s kind of like tattooing but not as deep into the skin. Eventually, they will wear off but in the meantime, you get fully eyebrows that look great.

beauty manicure

Get a manicure

Being able to get out of the house and finally feel like a woman again, is going to involve going to your manicurist. They will take care of you once again. It’s something of a ritual for most women, to go to their manicurist and get their fingernails cleaned, cut, shaped and their hands give a good scrub. It’s kind of like going through the motions, as you wipe away the debris, dead skin and the old you, and start a new adventure with pristine hands and feet.

A manicure is complex, not like the old days of cutting and filing. Now you can get vegan scrubs for your skin, lotions of your plans and even messages of your fingers. It would help if you also tried the Swedish manicure style, which lends itself to more traditional techniques and equipment.

These beauty treatments should have you giddy and jumping with excitement. You feel like a woman when you get an LED facial, with your acne cleared up and soft, smooth skin returning. Consider getting the cupping treatment if you feel heavy and sluggish all the time.


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