3 Ways To Send Out Alerts To Ensure People Read Your Latest Blog Post

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Every time you release a new blog post, there’s a moment of fear that nobody will view it. Ideally, you want to see plenty of views within the first few hours of posting. This calms the nerves, and the more people that view it early, the more chance there is of them sharing it with others. Realistically, you’re relying on your loyal audience to start viewing your posts, but how can you guarantee that they will know a new post has been added? Unless they happen to be on your site when it goes up, they have no way of knowing. 

So, here are three ways you can send out alerts that will ensure people read your latest blog post:

Blog Post Email Subscribers 

Every blogger should try to get email addresses and other contact information from readers. This can be done in the form of a newsletter that you send out, or possibly a free eBook. Effectively, you offer something for people to get, but they need to provide their email to get it. Then, whenever you upload a new post, you can use email marketing to notify everyone that a post is uploaded. You can also get people to sign up for email alerts as well, ensuring they never miss a post. They’ll receive the email, get a link to your blog, and can read it straight away. 

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Mobile Alerts

There are two ways to send out mobile alerts that tell people a new post has been uploaded. The first is to use text marketing to send text messages out to as many people as possible. It’s similar to emails, so you will need to get their mobile numbers before you do this. Then, it’s a case of finding a way to send multiple messages all in one go, which is typically done via bulk SMS platforms. For more information on text marketing, visit FireText’s bulk SMS platform to see how all of this works. The key to making this effective is to only message when posts are up – don’t send texts for any other reason as this will annoy people. 

The second mobile approach is to use push notifications via an app. However, this means that you have to create an app for your blog, so it can be rather complex. 

Share On Social Media

Finally, you have the most effective method of all. The beauty of social media alerts is that you don’t need anyone’s contact information. Just post an update to all of your social media accounts saying that you’ve written a new post, with a link to it. All of your followers can see it, meaning your loyal audience is aware of the new post. 

Furthermore, social media lets you use hashtags to help you be seen by people that don’t follow you. So, unlike the other methods, this one notifies new people of your latest post. 

Driving traffic to your site to read new blog posts is always going to be a top priority for you. With these three ideas, you can send out alerts that let everyone know you have created some new content. 

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